Every home says its story. It is amazing how differently every home is designed. It is because every home has the individual’s touch of their culture, choice and colors that makes it unique and beautiful in its own way. Well, what makes the home a happy place is the feeling with which every single thing is kept and decorated. It should be a welcoming place for all where memories are made every day and cherished for life.  But sometimes we need to make little changes to spruce up and make it a happier place to be. And it is not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. In fact, by making things on your own and using old stuff to create unique piece for your home decor ideas is not only an inexpensively great idea but will also add life to the space.

If you are thinking how to decorate your home or if you don’t know what home décor ideas you should go with then you have landed to the right place. Also, the home decor DIY ideas that you’ll find here are easy yet superb enough to make your friends go awe! You might have now already got that the ideas here will not require you to be a master with the skills of DIY. All you will need is the love (with some materialistic things of course) to decorate your home beautifully. So, here we are sharing some amazing home decor ideas on budget to help you create the aesthetic place with your magic touch.

1. A Huge Jute Rug

You can make gorgeous rugs from jute at home and with no much hassle. And variety of designs can be made like the one in picture or any pattern you like. To know more on how to make jute rugs read the tutorial here.

Little bit of creativity and you can DIY lots of other things from jute like tea coasters, letters, bottle vases, baskets and much more.

huge-jute-rug home decor ideas


2. Cool Poster Hangers

If you like to try something different then DIY this poster hanger for your wall instead of regular frames. And it’s not necessary to have personal photos only. You can hang your favorite quote, design or even caricature poster.


poster-hanger home decor ideas


3. Lantern Terrarium

For those who like all things rustic or are plant lovers, lantern terrarium is definitely an inexpensively genius idea!

lanterns home decor ideas


4. Menu Chalkboard

Put your not much of use chalkboard to a good use by converting it into a menu chalkboard. And for this you don’t need any extraordinary skills. Likewise there are many thing that will make your kitchen organized in awesome ways.

menu-board home decor ideas


5. Decorative wall pieces

Want to use your spare glass bottles differently? Make a wall piece. For this lovely wall piece you’ ll need to add flowers that you can either buy or DIY. Click here for the tutorial.

You can also use lace decorating ideas to decorate your bottles

bottle-wall-pieces home decor ideas


6. Candles With Gold Stones

Lights just bright up the space then be it candle light or string light decoration. And this looks like an expensive set of candle holder  but it isn’t! Pick up some stones from you near by garden, paint it golden, arrange candles and the stones in a tray and Voila! Click here for more interesting DIY ideas for candle holders.

You can use the stones to create many more things like rugs, tea coasters, candle holders and pots.

candles-with-gold-stones home decor ideas


7. Stylish Solution To Hide Thermostat Or Anything

Hide behind good frames all your electronic gizmos and make your wall look wonderful!

stylish-solution-to-hide-a-thermostat1 home decor ideas

stylish-solution-to-hide-a-thermostat home decor ideas


8. Wall art from cables

Don’t hide those cables, instead convert them into the wall art that everyone would applaud you for!

cords-wall-art-design home decor ideas


10. Design your wall

You can find so many DIY designs online to create accent wall. If you have a doubt to create patterns on your own then you can buy stencils and design your wall like the one below.



11. Pendant Lamp

DIY this pendant lamp which is made from grocery bag and a big branch for stand, isn’t it outstanding?

There is a lot more that you can do from tree branches. Use it in frames, pots,stand for table, jewelry holder and whatever you can think of!



12. Mason Jar Organizer

Organize your bathroom with the mason jars on the wall. A good idea to keep your bathroom clean, organized and awesome at the same time.



13. Repurpose Sewing Machine Drawer

If you have old drawers like this then you can utilize them for keeping your stuff while adding the vintage charm to the place. You can make so many things from what you already have like decor items from wine corks or DIY from old CDs collection.


13. Macrame Plant Hanger

What about adding a greenery touch to your home with unique pots or baskets? This is yet another amazing DIY décor idea that can transform your porch, living room, patio or even bedroom without costing you much. 

The beauty of this idea is that you will save on space since you only need to hang the planters on the wall thus leaving the ground space untouched.  

You can craft a beautiful yet strong macramé plant hanger within a matter of minutes while using readily available supplies including beads and jars that might be laying around your house unused.” 

Tell us which home decor ideas are you going to implement to make your home more vibrant in the comment section below!