String lights decor can add a little magic to any space and make it look incredibly beautiful. It gives such a dreamy effect that we are obsessed with these fairy lights. There are many ways to use it and turn your dorm room into a space that is more lovable. And the best thing is it isn’t that tough to do that. Here we have collated all different ways to give you some amazing ideas to brighten up your space with string lights decor in cheerful ways. rustic decor

1. Incredible light tree room divider

Such a cool idea to divide the space in an inexpensive way!

Incredible light tree room divider


2. Diy galaxy from twinkling string lights

Always dreamed of starry roof? Well, take a step ahead and create this awesome galaxy in your own space!

Diy galaxy from twinkling string lights


3. Dream catcher inspired chandelier with lights

Such an interesting way to make your room look like a fairy land by adding cute and creative pieces like this!

Dream catcher inspired chandelier with lights


And if it not suffice, try the one below!

4. Dreamer-firefly lights

Add bright touch to any space with the word that inspires you!

Use delicate copper wire to create the desired design or word. You can also strung the lights  at the end as if fire flies around!

Dreamer-firefly lights


5. Cool Hula hoop chandelier

Add string lights on hula hoop and hang them from the ceiling at different heights to make this kinda gorgeous chandelier.

Hula hoop chandelier


6. Mason jar wall decor with lights

This is a great idea of creating wall lamps through mason jars. Totes creative!

Mason jar wall decor with lights


7. String lights decor for backdrop

Backdrop with string lights is definitely an all time favorite idea.

String light backdrop


8. String light twirled in hula hoops

Super cool!!

String light decor twirled around hulahoops


9. String lights with clipped snaps

Drape string lights back and forth and clip snapshots to them. It covers the blank space in a whimsical way, also, adding memories to it!

String lights decor with clipped snaps


10. Triangled lights

If you wanna try something really unusual, use delicate copper wire to give any form of your choice. Add your string lights. Tada! Its done.

Triangled lights string lights decor


Add these sweet fairy lights and make your space more warm and wonderful!