As homeowners, we all seem to constantly be on the prowl for alternative and fulfilling options to augment our standard of living. What many parents do not realize is that by simply adding a few houseplants to your home you can not only hide those dents your children left playing ball, but you can also reduce your overall household costs. Obviously we are all aware of the benefits plants provide to our ecosystem, but just by adding a few indoor plants to your internal environment you could provide a superior lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Reduces Stress


Image via Flickr by F. D. Richards

Adding some extra color into your everyday life can help you feel more at ease and alleviate stress. A variety of research shows that plants such as bamboo palm or weeping figs can help with concentration and fatigue in an office or study setting, while plants such as lavender and jasmine, when placed in a bedroom, can help provide a deeper and more fulfilling night’s rest. Many parents have stated that placing plants in their children’s bedrooms can help with nighttime restlessness and inability to stay asleep.

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Refines Air Quality

As we all are aware, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, as well as remove toxins from the air. Some of the extra benefits include a reduction in airborne dust, decreased headaches and cold symptoms, and the removal of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. Therefore, when plants are placed inside the home, they clean the air naturally, providing a healthier and cheaper alternative to purchasing expensive air purifiers. Some of the best indoor plants to place in your home for these reasons specifically would be palms, ficus, ivy, or ferns.

Humidifies the Air

Not only do plants release oxygen, but they also release moisture back into the air. According to some studies, plants tend to release over 90 percent of the water they absorb, making them the perfect natural humidifier. With that in mind, the added humidity in the air not only keeps the air cooler in summer, but it will also hold on to the heat in the winter. This will reduce the need to run your HVAC system, which in turn causes a lower utility bill and a reduction in the system’s servicing needs.

4. Reduces Noise

For centuries, people have used plants to help reduce outside noise pollution, but further studies state that it can also help with reducing internal noise as well. The plant leaves absorb and diffract noise which can help provide a calmer and more comfortable space for parents and pet owners alike.

Granted, there are even more benefits that indoor plants can provide, but these are some of the top reasons why we continue to place and care for plants in our homes. Not only are plants a beautiful and unique alternative to humidifiers and air filters, but they are also a cheaper and cleaner way to save yourself some money and reduce stress.