Even the dog days of summer can be a family’s best friend when your HVAC system is installed smartly! An HVAC installation professional can review how you use your home and then divide it into multiple “zones,” each of which can be temperature controlled separately. Here are three reasons that a zoned HVAC solution is worth considering.

1. Appease Your Family

Every family uses their home differently. Some of us are always in the den, while that formal dining room is never used. Others are either hanging out in the kitchen, outside in the yard, or in the bedrooms. So why should you rely on a cookie cutter heating and cooling install?

HVAC professionals can custom design a zoned system that cools and heats your favorite rooms optimally. This provides comfort throughout the home. As an added benefit, today’s zoned solutions offer modern conveniences like remotes and multiple programmable thermostats. You can program any room without walking all over the house to get there.

2. Save Money, Energy, and Hassle


Image via Flickr by PersonalCreations.com

What would you do with more money each month? An average family saves 30 percent on their utility bill when using a multi-zone heating and cooling system. Think of the memories you could make with a little extra in your pocket: a family trip to the movies, having the neighbors over for ice cream sundae night, or less stress at bill paying time.

You can also rest more easily knowing you’re doing your part to reduce wasteful consumption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends zoned HVAC systems if the family’s usage varies, because energy use will be minimized in the less active spaces of your home.

Some parents find a zoned HVAC system invaluable because it makes temperature one less thing to squabble about. Do the kids like it cooler and you don’t want so much air blowing on you? If you’ve ever thought “this is nuts,” it is! A multi-zone thermostat is the closest thing to a solution that there is for a family full of distinct personalities.

3. Use the HVAC System as Designed

Many families already try to zone “DIY-style” by closing off vents in rooms that are not being used. This simple action has unintended consequences that place stress on the HVAC system and may cause it to fail sooner.

The good news is an existing HVAC system may be able to be renovated into a zoned solution. Professionals will analyze home usage and then design and install zone control panels, modern thermostats, and zone dampers. This way, you’ll have a customized solution that fits your home’s needs exactly.

It is always easier to plan for a valuable home upgrade than to be surprised by an unwanted repair bill from a misused system at an unsuspecting time.

Enjoy a more comfortable temperature, eliminate the thermostat battle, and save money and energy by investing in a zoned HVAC solution for your home. You certainly won’t regret it when the temperatures drop or rise drastically outside.