We all want to have a sound sleep and be able to lie down comfortably in bed. While it is important that we have a quality mattress to sink into, a good quality pillow is important to get a sound sleep. A good night’s sleep is very essential for the mind and body. Make room for comfortable sleeping that doesn’t leave you stiff in the neck or shoulders in the morning.

Waking up with a stiff neck or back pain because of a low-quality pillow is a sign that you need to get your pillows replaced with a quality one. We all invest a lot in mattresses, beds, and comforters but it is important to remember that a good quality pillow signs the deal for a sound sleep.

Choosing the right pillow that meets all your requirement is not an easy task. There are various types of pillows in the market and choosing one that can help you sleep comfortably every night can become challenging. Aside from the firmness and price, you also have to pay attention to the maintenance requirement of the pillow. Choosing a pillow that requires regular maintenance when you don’t have enough time to clean can make you susceptible to common health conditions such as multiple sclerosis. This health condition can cause the MS hug, which is a painful sensation in the chest that can make it hard for you to breathe and fall asleep.

If you’re still in the process of finding the best pillow, memory foam pillows might be a great option. In fact, a memory foam pillows are selling like hot pancakes at present. In this article you shall learn why the memory foam pillow is the most sought after in the market.

Also known as the viscoelastic foam, it consists of the foamed polyurethane with additional chemicals to increase density and viscosity. Although it may appear to be hard to the touch at first, these pillows become soft later on due to the natural heat of the body

A memory foam pillow provides good height and support to the neck, spine, and shoulders. It has a good density, is durable, and easy to adjust its height. You can rest well and get a comfortable sleep and feel rejuvenated when you wake up.

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and firmness at affordable prices.

The other benefits of a memory foam pillow are listed below:

• It prevents snoring. This benefit will not only help you sleep better – this will also allow other people who are sleeping in the room with you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

• More hygienic and durable compared to other pillows. Using hygienic pillows will keep you safe from allergies and common skin conditions.

Depending on the body heat, this pillow can also shape in response to it.

• Memory foam pillow is easy maintenance without much of a hassle. This means that regardless of how busy you are during the day, you can still enjoy a clean pillow.

• Side Sleepers cannot ask anything better than this as solid and raised memory foam pillows are just ideal for them

• High loft memory pillow again is perfect for those heavy head users. The height of the pillow is great for maintaining the natural spine alignment

• A slim pillow is advisable for lighter head sleepers. This is required as the weight will not flatten the pillow

• Pillows with a higher elevation or loft are perfect for those with broad shoulders while thinner pillows are recommended for those with narrow shoulders. This is perfect as this way the head can rest closer to the mattress.

Types of the best memory foam pillows available in the market:

Traditional Memory Foam Pillow:

This is considered to be one of the better choices for memory foam pillows. Defined by low height, they offer support to the neck, spine, and shoulder based on the type of edge they have – the single seamed edge or double seamed edge.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow:

People with neck pain often go for contoured memory foam pillows. It distributes weight in an even manner and relieves pressure. This provides relief to the neck and back pain.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow:

They are more or less similar to traditional foam pillows. The best thing is that the height is neither too low, nor too high which makes it great for different sleeping positions. Tiny pieces of shredded foam are filled inside that are compacted together to form the filling for these pillows.

Interestingly, shredded foam inside allows breathability, keeps it cool and airy, and doesn’t allow heat to be trapped.

Wedge Memory Foam Pillow:

A sleeping wedge pillow is great to prevent snoring and helps manage a variety of conditions. People who have sleep apnea can benefit from sleeping in an upright position. They are made of firm foam and form an angle of between 30 degrees and 40 degrees. It comes in handy to elevate various parts of the body. The triangular-shaped piece foam is ideal for people suffering from respiratory problems, or acid reflux.

Open Cell:

Open Cell Memory Foam is another type of basic memory foam with a unique internal structure. They are preferred because they make way for a better movement of air inside the mattress. The best part is that the heat is transferred away from your body while you sleep peacefully.

The article has listed the major types of memory foam pillow and broken down the major benefits of using a memory foam pillow. A memory foam pillow is a perfect match for a memory foam mattress to get the sleep after a tiring day. Interestingly it is also the most common type of pillow used in households. Again, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration including body weight, height, firmness, and more.

Investing in the right brand and type is important and essential for healthy and peaceful sleep.

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Knowledge is Power

Using memory foam pillows can become your ticket to finally experience a good night’s sleep. But with the number of varieties of memory foam pillows in the market today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing. This is especially true if this is your first time to buy pillows. 

If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money and your ability to sleep every night, make careful decisions, and do some research before going out to buy a memory foam pillow. Acquire as much information as you can about the different types of memory foam pillows and compare the pros and cons of each. Having in-depth knowledge about memory foam pillows will make it very easy for you to choose one and make the most out of your investment!