Most households have milk in their fridge. Aside from being a healthy drink for every member of the family, milk can also be used as an ingredient for preparing meals and desserts. Also, it can be very useful outside of the kitchen as you can use it to remove stains and shine leather.

You can maximize milk by using them in different areas in your home, but are you aware that its bottles are also just as useful? You can actually use these empty glass milk bottles to decorate your home and improve the appearance and ambiance of your space.

Here are some ways you can decorate glass milk bottles to design your home:

1. Painted Flower Vases

Adding flowers inside your home can be very beneficial. Aside from adding colors to any room in your house, flowers can also improve the indoor air quality and reduce your stress.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having flowers inside your home, you can reuse empty glass milk bottles and use these as your flower vases. You can simply remove the label of these bottles, pour in water inside, and put the flowers in the bottles. Depending on your preferences, you can paint these bottles with acrylic paints and create patterns such as stripes and polka dots on the surface.

2. Homemade Candy Jars

Living in a small home will usually require you to use multifunctional pieces. For example, if you have limited space in your living area, using seats that double as storage can be ideal. But are you aware that empty glass milk bottles are also multifunctional? Aside from using these as your home’s décor pieces, you can also use these to store small items such as candies.

Since empty glass milk bottles are clear, you can pour in small candies inside it and place these in your cupboards or kitchen countertops. Seeing the colors of these candies or their wrappers will surely add a unique twist to any area of your house!

3. Centerpieces For Tables

Your dining table is a place meant for making conversations and creating healthy relationships with your friends and family. If you’re looking for inexpensive yet effective ways of improving the ambiance of your dining area, use empty glass milk bottles as your centerpieces.

This project is very easy to make as you’ll only need several pieces of fabrics, colorful markers, and a hot glue gun. You can cover the bottles with fabrics of your favorite color or change the designs regularly based on the season. You can also add battery-operated string lights inside for Valentine’s Day or paint them with snowflakes during the holiday season.

4. Ocean Bottles

Spending time at the beach can be a great stress-reliever. Hearing the waves, soaking in the sun, and feeling the sand in your toes can boost your energy levels and help you become more productive. If you want to create the same ambiance in your home, create ocean bottles using your empty glass milk bottles.

Before you head out to the beach, bring your empty glass milk bottles and fill these with sand. You can also add a few small shells and a bit of ocean water before bringing the bottles home. If you can’t find time to visit the beach anytime soon, purchase colored sands or use small pebbles with water instead.

5. Garden Decors

Empty glass milk bottles can be very useful for homeowners who have a green thumb. These bottles will make any garden more interesting and unique at the same time.

For you to decorate your home using empty glass milk bottles, use them as edging and pavers around your garden by digging holes big enough for these bottles. After placing the bottles inside the holes, make sure that you fill any gaps, so your bottles stay in place.

If you want to take this décor idea up a notch, use different sizes and colors of bottles in one area in your garden. The variety of textures and colors will surely make any garden more appealing!

6. Rainbow Bottle Lanterns

How your home looks from the outside can create an impression on your guests and passersby. The exterior of your house will give them an idea of what to expect inside – and if your exteriors are well-decorated, they will think that your home’s interiors will also be pleasing.

For cheap and easy ways to add charm to your home’s exteriors, transform empty glass milk bottles into rainbow bottle lanterns. Cut your bottles using a bottle cutter and paint them with any color you like. You can use different shades of your favorite color or mimic the color of the rainbow.

The moment they’re dry, place tea lights inside these bottles and hang them outside your house. This is a simple yet very attractive décor!

It’s Easy When You Know How

Contrary to popular belief, designing your home doesn’t need to be expensive or tedious. As long as you have empty glass milk bottles, you can enjoy a well-decorated home without spending a lot of time or money!