Summer is the best time of the year for fashion. Break out the sparkles at night and live in shorts and skirts the rest of the time. Make this season different by adding these fashion-forward feature pieces.

This summer, adding a few key feature pieces to your clothing collection could help you stand out from the crowd. Versatile summer clothing that you can wear year-on-year is a must-have. In the face of fast fashion, try to always choose clothes that are thicker, will last longer, and that you can save for next year. 

Summer Fashion Must-Have Pieces

If you want to stay at the top of your game, you only need a few pieces to stay on track. Here are a few items you ought to add to your summer wardrobe if you don’t want to be caught out when the hot weather hits.

A Flowy Summer Dress

Summer is the only time when it is acceptable to wear flowy dresses that you can spin in and billow out. Light cotton, soft linen, and even transparent materials all become An Ok. Get your bold on with bright colored dresses, floral prints, and come in maxi, midi, or mini. These are cool and comfortable. Better yet, adding a belt and accessories can take you from day to night in moments.

A Wide Brimmed Hat

Summer comes and goes but a straw hat can last a lifetime. Not suitable for the winter season, picking a wide brimmed hat – it doesn’t have to be straw – keeps the sun off your face in any other season. Nobody looks bad in a wide brimmed hat. Choose a floppy, fun style or opt for a fixed brim. However you wear it, stick to informal in the summer. Great weather means breathable clothing, right up to your hat.

Summer Sandals

Male or female, summer sandals are a must. Comfortable footwear allows you to get around and still look stylish. Invest in some nice leather sandals for a man. For a woman, you can do anything you like. Invest in a soft, memory foam pump shoe, or go glitzy with some bead work. Your sandals are vital for when the summer starts. Nobody wants to be stuck in their winter boots come spring!

The Light Wear Trouser

Every man, woman, and child ought to have a summer trouser that is a light wear piece. Light wear fabrics include anything based around linen or cotton. Hemp is a good loose fabric but avoid fabrics such as wool. A stretch waistband is ideal for going from year to year. A non-stretch waist can give you a key piece of office wear for hot summer days. 

Stretch Shorts

Buy one pair of shorts with a stretchy waistband. At least one pair. Or even a skirt. There must be at least one item that you absolutely know beyond doubt is going to fit you next year. Why? Who likes the feeling of trying on all last summer’s clothing only to find that none of it fits you? Sure, denim shorts are nice, but put on five pounds either way and you are done for. And a lot can happen in a year. 


Nobody can go the whole length of summer, enduring all that heat, without a trip to the pool. For full sunbathing glory and for poolside activities, swimwear is the only option. Stylists recommend a shapewear swimsuit, capable of giving a pretty silhouette, for women concerned about their weight. Choose a two piece and mix and match pairs or invest in a colorful wrap for extra coverage. For men, the days of speedos are all but over. A good quality swimming short can last you for years if you don’t swim often. 


There is one staple which does not change, year on year. If you have a decent pair, hold onto them for as long as possible. Prescription sunglasses are the best for driving in if you have bad eyesight. Most importantly, even if your weight fluctuates, your face shape doesn’t change all that much. A single good pair of sunglasses, shaped to your face, could last a lifetime. It’s worth spending the money on quality. 

Light Colored Tee

A light colored t-shirt will last you a long time, and light colors make us look younger. Black is fine if you’d like to look slimmer, but ultimately white will stain over time. A good quality light blue, light green, yellow, orange, pink or lilac light-colored t-shirt is best.

Top Tips for Wearing Summer Fashion

Wearing summer fashion comes with different problems and solutions that winter fashion does. Here are the top tips for summer fashion that will help you style your wardrobe well:

  • Stretch waistbands are informal, a fixed waistband passes for formal. At least when dealing with summer light wear trousers. 
  • Keep most of your key pieces neutral and add color through chosen feature pieces. For example, a bright blue tee with your white shorts or trousers will really pop.
  • Choose breathable fabrics.
  • Choose light colors since they both reflect the heat and make us look younger.
  • Keep minimal with your makeup – it just melts off your face. Use powders and primers, and perhaps BB cream. 
  • Learn to accessorize sparingly. Giant earrings with a neutral fit look great. Similarly, spending money on a good summer oversized bag allows you to smuggle that beach towel wherever you go.
  • Don’t like wide brimmed hats? Switch out for a baseball cap. Try to find one that mimics your style.
  • Stick to pure gold and silver jewelry or risk your neck, wrist, or ears turning green.

Stick to these fashion and style principles and you ought to smash through summer this year.

Be Summer Ready Every Year

If you have followed our style tips then you should have a summer-ready wardrobe that lasts year after year. Now all you have to worry about is finding the perfect summer hairstyle to go with it…