Do you want to be a tourist in Spain without looking like a tourist? Spain has distinct fashion choices. Here’s everything to know about Spain fashion.

Did you know that the number of tourists visiting Spain has broke records for the fifth year in a row?

The beautiful sunny weather, the delicious tapas, and the friendly Spanish folk make the Southern-European country a top destination for vacationers around the world.

But, if you’re thinking of being a tourist in Spain, you may not want to stand out like a tourist. Do you want to blend in with the locals?

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Spain fashion. Let’s go!

1. Don’t Pack Your Shorts

How do the Spaniards spot a tourist?  They know you immediately by your shorts. Spain is heavily influenced by the conservative values of the Roman Catholic Church.

Nobody wears clothes which don’t go over the knees. Think pants or jeans for men. The women wear long skirts or dresses.

This may come as a surprise to you. The reputation of Spain as a warm climate would indicate that people wear summery clothes all year round.

And yet, shorts are exclusively worn at the beach. So you’ll need thin cotton pants to keep your cool in the warmth.

2. If in Doubt, Dress Conservatively

It’s important to remember the simple rule – if in doubt, dress conservatively.

Modesty is highly valued by the locals. The Spanish care deeply about being well-dressed and stylish, they always like to cover up. That doesn’t mean you need to throw on your ugly sweater every time you leave the hotel.

But also, remember that Europeans care about designer labels. Check out the dresses and other clothes at Balenciaga. Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house founded in Spain, which has a beautiful collection of women’s clothes.

3. Keep it Simple

You need to leave your bright colored clothing with fancy patterns at home in your wardrobe.

Keep your style simple and stylish. Definitely, don’t bring your baggy tees with slogans over the front. This a Spanish no-no!

4. No Sneakers

If you want everyone to know your American, there’s no quicker way to tell the Spaniards than wearing sneakers.

Switch your tennis shoes for a nice pair of leather sandals or dapper shoes. Plus, make sure you’re wearing dress socks. You should never wear white athletic socks with nice pants.

5. Leather is Fashionable

If you have a leather jacket or a pair of shoes, you should definitely pack these for your visit to Spain. Although in the summer months, a leather jacket can be too warm, anything leather is usually admired.

If you can’t afford to buy real leather, faux leather is also acceptable as long as it looks chic and cool.

What You Need to Know About Spain Fashion

You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb on your trip to Spain. By following our top five tips for Spain fashion, you can make sure you fit in with the local trends.

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