Dressing according to the place is a sign of gracious lady’s demeanor. Dressing matters because that creates the whole ambiance of a particular place then be it a party, a meeting or a visit to church. Different occasion demands different style of dressing. But sometimes you get stuck with a similar kind. Deciding on the church dresses is one of those. What to wear at church is important because it is still an essential aspect of many churches and you have to respect the tradition of the church.

Some of the churches may allow casual dresses while some strictly follow their traditions. Well, irrespective of the church you visit, you must follow a few guidelines to not offend anyone. The basic is you must wear appropriate clothes.

  1. Your clothes must not be too short and should be of knee length.
  2. Avoid wearing shorts, strapless or revealing clothes.
  3. Avoid wearing jeans or leggings. Most churches prefer dresses and pants might do.
  4. Prefer sandals rather than sneakers.

Let’s see the different attires that you can wear as church dress while looking modest.

1. Church Suit for Women

Church suits have to be in the list before we check out different options for church dresses. Even today, many churches prefer church suits because of the belief that one has to be well dressed, in fact, dressed their best in front of God. According to the tradition, the head was also meant to be covered like in many other religions. And so the concept of the hat came in which eventually became the style statement.

white church suit

3. Full neck Church dress

Classy, isn’t it? If you want to ditch the hat, you can pick a dress like this to swap with the traditional church suit.

Full neck Church dress

4. Cool red dress

Don’t want to look formal? You can definitely try this look – easy, cool yet sophisticated.

cool red dress for church

5.  Comfortable top and bottom

Some say God isn’t bothered about your outside appearance like us. Instead, he is closer to the inner self of you and that’s a matter more to him. Well, it’s all about perspectives. You can opt to wear comfy clothes like this too.

Jumpsuit church dress

6. Pink church Dress

This cute pink dress will never go off trend and is ideal for a visit to church.

baby Pink church Dress

7. Dress with long sleeves

This is an option for women who stay from trying girly clothes. This kind of dresses for the church isn’t girlish even with big floral prints.

Dress with long sleeves

8. Casual white pant church dress

Dress it up all white for good vibes!

Casual white pant church dress

9. Pair it up black and white

A mid-length black skirt with a white top is always a go-to dress when you can’t decide at the last moment.

The black and white combo

10. Pencil skirt church dress

A style to opt by women with a strong personality.

pencil skirt church dress

11. Pep top with a skirt

The peplum top and pencil skirt is a perfect alternative to church suit. What say?Pep top with a pencil skirt

Which style would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below.