Whether you’re taking a solo trip to Rome, heading there on your honeymoon, or if you’re going with a group of friends, you’re beyond excited to see what Italy has to offer you.

Of course, since the city is so well-known for its fashion, you also want to make sure that you pack the perfect wardrobe for your trip. You want to dress so that you blend in with the locals, but you also want to make certain that you’re comfortable in what you have on .It might also be a good idea to take an online Italian course for travellers like The Intrepid Guide to get your common Italian verbs in check.

This post is here to help you learn what to wear in Italy.

We’ll cover what to wear in Rome in the winter and summer months, as well as some basic tips on all things Italian style.

Follow our advice to turn heads on every side street.

If You’re Visiting in the Summer

What to wear in Rome largely depends on when you’re planning to visit the city.

The summer months — June, July, and August — are a time of serious humidity, so you’ll need to pack accordingly. Think breathable fabrics like cotton and summer sandals for women (gladiators work best, as the terrain can get a bit hilly from time to time) and lightweight sneakers for men.

For women, light sundresses, white pants with tank tops, and pencil skirts are always a win. When in doubt, we suggest you look at a few photos of Sofia Loren for a few tips on how to nail Italian day dressing.

For men, it’s time to break out the colorful shorts, short-sleeved patterned button-ups, and a straw hat (you’ll be glad to have something to keep the hot sun off of your face.) For the more fashion-forward gentlemen, your Rome clothes should certainly include some linen pants.

A quick word to the wise for ladies especially: even though you want to dress for the hot weather, we suggest that you bring a lightweight cardigan alone with you when you head out for the day.

You’ll often be required to cover your bare arms/shoulders when visiting a church.

Also, keep in mind that the summer season is by far the most tourist time of the year. It might be smart to read more about booking a tour guide in Rome that will let you skip the lines and help you to beat the crowds.

If You’re Visiting in the Winter

Christmas is an absolutely stunning time of year in Rome, and really throughout all of Italy.

Expect to see lots of street festivals, Christmas trees, and zampognari (bagpipe players in the streets dressed as shepherds. Despite the hot and humid summers, it will get pretty chilly in Rome in the winter months.

If you’re planning on visiting during November, you’ll likely encounter a good bit of rainfall as the temperature starts to cool down.

Bringing a rain jacket and a pair of rain boots will take you a long way. If it’s not raining, you’ll need boots, as the city will probably be too muddy for sandals.

It doesn’t really start to get cold in Rome until December and January. Throw in a down parka, stick to long pants and long-sleeved shirts, and bring a suit jacket or longer cocktail dress.

More Tips on Italian Style

Now, let’s speak more generally about what to wear in Italy so that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb (and potentially make yourself a target as a result.)

You might be surprised to find out that Italians don’t often dress up as much as the movies would have us believe. Expect to see people in jeans, sweats, and streetwear style — especially in the larger cities like Rome.

Beauty is huge here, so ladies should feel free to get a bit more experimental with their makeup. Silk scarves, hats, pocket squares, and of course, sunglasses are where Italians spend most of their clothing budget.

You should take advantage of Italian fashion design, especially if you’re planning to take a day trip to Milan, one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world.

Popular Italian fashion houses include Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, and of course, Versace. For those obsessed with all things shoes, be sure to head to Salvatore Ferragamo or Bruno Magli for a beautiful pair that will last you a lifetime.

Plus, these Italian fashion brands are often much cheaper than in the United States, so you have no reason not to shop until you drop.

What to Wear in Italy: Wrapping Up

Understanding what to wear in Italy is often about using your common sense, checking the weather, and taking into account the amount of walking you’ll be doing.

Be sure to throw in some blister bandages and even shoe inserts, as most Americans will have a bit of trouble adjusting to the cobblestone streets.

One final thing to add to your packing list — that doesn’t have to do with clothing?

Always carry cash. You’ll likely be surprised to find that credit and debit cards aren’t as popular here as in the U.S.

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