Fit-to-form bodycon dresses are such a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. There is a wide spectrum of options available to suit all individual preferences and tastes. With that in mind, when you’re looking to build on your current collection, invest in your very first body con or you’re simply entertaining the idea of slipping into this bold silhouette, understanding how to wear and style one the right way can be hugely helpful before you hit add to cart. Keep reading for a few expert tips and tricks to finding and styling a bodycon dress the right way…

Decide on length 

Bodycon dresses trace your entire figure, and some are cut to mini lengths, others to your knee or midi shin, and some all the way to the floor. Deciding on the right length for you is entirely up to the occasion you are shopping for and your own particular tastes and preferences. 

Be mindful of materials 

Materials make all the difference when it comes to body con dresses. Because they cling to your body and sculpt out your unique silhouette perfectly, you should be mindful of the material you choose. Look to something with a good amount of stretch to it so that you can feel comfortable as well as look amazing. 

Think long term

When you’re making any fresh investment in your wardrobe, it is incredibly important to employ a long term mindset to your shopping process. Stick to styles and design details that you love, as well as colours that you feel make you shine your brightest. Shopping to what you prefer will curb the trends and avoid you from spending money on an item you don’t truly love. Investing in a beautiful piece that suits you and your lifestyle means that you can love and wear it for countless magical moments to come, particularly if you are smart and invest in an intricately made, high quality garment. 

Body con dress styles 

Photo: Alamour The Label

Once you’ve considered the length, material makeup and details you’d love to find in your perfect body con dress, you can think about the different styles on offer! Choose anything from playful printed body cons to contemporary pieces with asymmetrical necklines, creative cut outs, one shoulder sleeves or thigh high splits. You can also invest in a style with all over ruching, stitched embellishments or ruched accents for a fashionable impact that will be your best friend for your next high-level event or cocktail hour. 

Styling for the seasons

The beauty of a body con dress is that this close fitting layer can become the perfect base for all your styling dreams. This means that you can rely on this piece all year round, whether you choose to style with delicate gold adornments, chunky knit sweaters, capacious woollen coats, sky high heels, sneakers, flats and boots. Get creative with how you dress your body con piece and discover all the different ways this beautiful item can integrate into your dressing rotation.