Nothing amplifies an outfit quite like the perfect combination of accessories. And irrespective of age or personal style, every woman should have at least a small arsenal of beautiful necklaces in her jewelry collection.

As of 2022, the layered necklace trend is as strong as ever. If you’ve wondered how to indulge in this fabulous fashion statement, you’ve come to the right place.

From delicate pendants to chunky, earthy pieces, we’re going to explore how to layer necklaces for any outfit or occasion. You may already have appropriate pieces in your collection, or perhaps you’ll be encouraged to go on a shopping spree.

Either way, you’re sure to be inspired.

Length Matters (So Does Size)

Different bodies, bone structures, and skin tones suit different styles of jewelry.

The first step to successfully layering necklaces is discovering what suits you best and using that as a foundation.

Gold, silver, gemstone, pearl, pendant, and diamond are just a few of the different necklace types available. Together with this, chains come in different textures, lengths, and widths, ranging from slim and delicate to chunky and prominent.

As a point of departure, select one of your favorite and most flattering necklaces and start the layering process from there.

We recommend beginning with your shortest piece and spacing your complementary necklace or necklaces an inch or two lower.

Alternatively, opt for a dramatic look by intentionally placing a wide gap between them, such as with a choker and lariat or body chain combo.

Order of Importance

Though the concept of layering may contradict this notion, less is still more.

The eye is naturally drawn to the features of your body, and therefore the focus will fall on your top or bottom chains, especially in the case of a three-necklace look. Keep this in mind to inform how (and to what degree) you wear your more detailed pieces.

Outfit and Occasion

Opposites attract, and this rings especially true when it comes to layering necklaces.

A formal outfit only needs a delicate accompaniment so that there is a harmonious balance between your fabric and clothing design, and your accessories.

On the other hand, layering funky and interesting necklaces with a casual leisurewear outfit can amplify your look effortlessly.

The golden rule is that layered necklaces are there to complement, not distract.

Our Favorite Combinations

Now that we’ve established the fundamentals of layering, let’s look at some of our favorite timeless combinations – that are easy to achieve and will leave you feeling stylish and confident.

Daring and Dainty

A combination of dainty gold or silver chains of varying lengths can be breathtaking, especially with a sweeping V-neck shirt or dress.

You can opt for chains in a similar “family” or pair up some delicate pendant shapes (hello, geometrics!).

We also love a minimalist choker followed by a sweeping mid-chain and a cheeky lariat, especially with a chunky knit cardigan or jersey.

Boho Beauty

If texture is the name of your game, then a stylish bohemian combination should be right up your alley.

This is the perfect opportunity to mix up your most interesting necklaces, from tassels and beads to intricate chain work.

That being said, try to keep one constant, like distance or chain width, to ensure there is still a sense of cohesion.

This discreet trick will ensure your look comes together, even if your individual necklaces are all unique in their own right.

Perfect Pendants

With so many options of pendants at your disposal, you can create some truly individual and personalized looks.

Mix up engraved pendants with delicate charms or single diamond or pearl necklaces to upscale a casual look or subtly accompany a formal outfit.

You can choose to have a discreet pendant for every layer or keep the focus on one.

If you combine a few, remember the less-is-more mantra for optimum impact, and keep their sizing relative.

Retro Remix

Framing a vintage statement piece with delicate chains is a whole new form of celebration. This clever maneuver lends a contemporary edge to even the most archaic jewelry – and who doesn’t love a fresh twist?

A locker or rosary layered with some fine beads or chains, or even a slender choker, is an understated but thoughtful statement that will definitely turn heads.

Diamonds and Pearls

Not a girl’s best friend for nothing – diamonds and pearls are a surefire way to level up your look.

If old Hollywood taught us anything, it’s that strings of pearls are always classic, even when they’re layered. Or rather, especially when they’re layered.

As for a diamond necklace, there’s no reason not to layer up a pendant or diamond lariat with another small pendant or delicate chain.

It will only emphasize its beauty and make it more noticeable.

Big and Bold

Layering isn’t only reserved for smaller, more elegant pieces.

You can do a lot with a combination of big, chunky necklaces and exciting or unusual textures.

In this regard, we fully encourage leaning into the statement you’re making.

Be fierce. Be colorful. Layer the unexpected.

In Defense of Quality

This goes without saying, but never underestimate the value of investing in made-to-last accessories from a trusted jeweler that stay in style year after year. After all, it’s better to have a few quality pieces that have been produced with care (and from durable materials) than a clutter of tarnished chains and broken clasps.

Now that you know how to layer them, your imagination is the only limit.