If people sneer at your nose ring choice, think twice. It could be that your facial cut doesn’t match your nose ring shape since unlike what people think, nose rings are for every woman who wants to oomph up their presence.

Nose rings have always been a part of our culture for a very long time. Almost 44000 years ago the aboriginals of Australia have recorded the use of nose rings as a piece of jewelry. Even before it became a sex symbol, nose rings have been doing rounds in different cultures for a variety of reasons. Some cultures have associated it with the possession of wealth; others have treated it as a symbol of fertility and even happiness. 

Indians seem to have begun using nose rings from the medieval period when Mughals touched the Indian lands. The Gothic communities had reportedly adapted the practice from their Asian counterparts. Slowly it kept moving from one culture to another, migrating lands and people. But it never went out of fashion and in some place or the other someone was always using it. 

In modern times, Indians have been the most constant culture making use of the nose ring as a piece of jewelry. However, hippies and punks who traveled to India adopted this culture and practiced it in other places of the world. The whole world terms it as the sexiest piece of jewelry that has ever existed in the records of human history.

Most Indians pierce a girl’s nose and ears almost at the same time. Women from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat wear the most ornate nose rings in our country. The eastern Indian designs are simpler and straight patterns. The western borders see a clustered nose ring pattern and the southerners are more into the use of simpler nose pins. People use different terminologies to describe different nose ring shapes and sizes in India.

Why should you wear a nose ring ?

Nose rings can add a zing to your facial features. Even if you don’t use any other piece of makeup or jewelry, a nose ring alone can be enough to accentuate your beauty. With time, you will see many jewelry pieces making their way into and out of human civilization. But nose rings are a piece of jewelry that has never completely left our civilization ever.

Almost all jewelry stores can recount tales of anxious women worrying if a nose ring would suit their faces. If you ever find a woman whining over her nose ring, check it closely. See if it matches her facial contour and if at all she is using the right kind of nose ring for herself. If her nose ring shape doesn’t match her facial shape, there is a chance she might look blunt in it.

Which face should wear what nose ring type ?

Like earrings, even nose rings must be worn after taking your facial cut into account. Not all nose ring shapes can go well on every face. Dressing up the right way is what enhances your inner beauty.

Do you want to know which shape would suit your face best? Find out more about them here.

There are almost nine different types of face cuts and you could try the following nose ring types based on your facial cut;

  1. For a round face try arched and semi-circular nose rings.
  2. If you have a square face with a prominent jawline try a decked-up big nose drop mostly with a colored gem piece.
  3. When you have a rectangular long face try a round thick beaded nose ring.
  4. For a heart-shaped face try a bold look with a nose ring that is big, round, and heavily decked.
  5. For oval faces try the traditional garish designer nose rings with chains connecting the nose ring to the earring.
  6. On oblong faces, you could try plain medium-sized rings or even smaller nose rings.
  7. For an inverted triangular face you can try an almost invisibly thin nose ring.
  8. On diamond-shaped faces try big stone studs for a sexier facial tone.
  9. On a pear-shaped face try the nose drops, silver studs, and tiny half hoops for a nose ring.

After knowing which nose ring type suits your face type best, jump on to find out the most trending designs for this year below.

Trending and fancy nose ring designs 

Some trending pieces of nose rings making rounds constantly include;

  • Peacock nose ring for an ornate evening

Turn heads with a beautiful peacock shaped nose ring piece. You could try green or greenish blue gemstones for that ultimate grand look.

  • Try a septum nose ring

Septum nose rings mostly do not require a piercing. You could simply stick it to your septum and adjust it on your septum. You could simply try one for that ultimate gaudy look. The best part of septum nose rings is that you can try them for office wear and even for a formal evening outing. Practically a septum ring can be worn anytime anywhere whenever you wish to go for that brazen look.

  • A heart shaped nose ring

A heart for a heart!

Try it for your dates and create a charm around your special one. 

  • Celtic cross for a nose ring

This is for your girl get-togethers, a fashion parade, or a live concert. Live up to the mood with a Celtic cross nose ring.

  • A Boho nose ring 

A Boho design on a nose ring goes well for every season and occasion. Wear it all day with a confident smile and team it up with nothing but a confident smile.

To sum up

At the end of this discussion, we come to this realization that anything you wear, if mismatches your personality can create a wrong fashion statement. To build the right fashion definition for yourself, choose wisely. Our beauty is skin deep and everything you don should work towards heightening its expression. Thus, even your nose ring should work towards enhancing your inner beauty.