1953, Marilyn, a series of photographs taken by famous Alfred Eisenstaedt featuring her irresistible smile, elegantly arched brows, and an iconic black skivvy. Jackie Kennedy nonchalantly posing for a camera in December of 1969 holding her hair blown by the wind, showcasing a perfect combination of her “To Jackie, Love Jack” wristwatch and black skinny turtleneck.

 Whether you’re a Jackie or a Marilyn, one thing remains unchanged – skivvies are a must in your wardrobe. Any style, any time of day, any body type – they fit all.

But what are the best ways to style such a versatile piece and not go wrong with it? Let’s dive deep.

Parisian Chic

“Paris is not a city, it’s a world”. A world full of extremely fashionable people. What can we learn from the way ladies wear fashion in Paris?

Simplicity is key. The model-off-duty vibe is key. You can’t go wrong by putting together soft cotton neutral-toned skivvies, dark skinny or indigo mom jeans, stiletto heels or white sneakers, a carefree hairstyle, and bare-faced or sun-kissed makeup look with a bold accent on red lips. Just add some eye-catching accessories, zhuzh your hair up, and you’re ready to take on the world! 

Fashionable Outdoors

If you just adore going on trips with your family, maybe backpacking around the world, or even just spending time gardening or running errands around the neighbourhood you can always add a level of sophistication to your style while still keeping the spark of adventurousness. Wear your favorite pair of jeans or soft or cotton pants, comfortable sneakers, put your hair in a sleek ponytail and half updo for more of a royal country style or in a messy ponytail and bun to add the “free-spirited” vibe. This look doesn’t need any makeup – combing through your eyebrows to make them look fluffier and putting on a lip balm is more than enough. Enhancing your natural features is an important element of the feel of authenticity you’re aiming for with this style.

Since your skivvy is the main piece in this ensemble, it is important to make sure it is comfortable to wear and is of high quality. Country clothing by Dust N Boots provides a good range of solid skivvy pieces that would be a great addition to your wardrobe if you want to look your best but not spend a fortune on an item of everyday basic clothing. Additionally, they don’t make you feel hot when it’s warm outside and are great for layering when the weather heads to colder seasons – which is extremely convenient for unpredictable weather conditions.

Preppy style

Established around the mid-twentieth century, this style was brought back in full force in the late 2000s with the influence of “Gossip Girl” which prominently featured pleated skirts, headbands, and high knee socks. And it seems like these fashion attributes, or at least numerous variations of this style’s main elements, are here to stay.

What screams “preppy” more than pastel-toned skivvy in a combination with a short checkered pencil skirt, suit shorts, linen Bermuda shorts, pleated skirt, or short pants in a light colour spectrum? The go-to basic piece for this style is your skivvy, and from that, you’re free to explore. To make it more 2021 and add an edge, you can replace the bottom part of the outfit with a simple leather skirt or leather shorts, and tie a sweater around your neck. There is no doubt in the timeless appeal of black tights, white socks, Oxford shoes, and white sneakers that go perfectly with these combinations. For colder seasons, you can switch to warmer tights, tailored coats, and Chester boots – their classic shape blend well with the overall look. Embrace your inner “I’ve got my life together while sipping champagne on the Met steps” lady.

E-girl Style

We believe the moment Jean Seberg made an appearance in “Breathless” with her pixie haircut, striped shirt, short-sleeved skivvy, and short pants, was the moment when the e-girl and indie girl aesthetics were born. These styles are especially on-trend now with the rise of social media such as TikTok. One of the prominent indicators and staples of these trendy looks is wearing a t-shirt over a skivvy. In Dust N Boots, you can find skivvies that are very close in terms of style to what this aesthetic “preaches” – bright or striped turtlenecks with short and long sleeves. 

With this style, you can go all wild with your makeup and overall look – the main direction is unleashing your inner experimenter. You can colour your hair any tone imaginable, you can choose only specific parts of your hair to dye. Fake freckles, blush on both cheeks and the nose, chaotic nail colour, chains, chokers, beanies – they all go well with your skivvy as long as you think it’s your authentic rebel self. It’s never too late to try new things and keep up with the trends.

A Lady Boss Style

We all admire strong, independent, self-sufficient women. Be it a work setting or a casual outing, dressing like one can boost your confidence and make you feel like you have all the power in the world. And there is no way to go without a skivvy when it comes to this look.

Skivvy is an essential, investment piece, a staple. It elongates the body, makes it look more elegant and slick when worn with a pencil skirt. Wear it with jeans and pants, a skivvy will add the “I’m to be taken seriously” layer to the combination. Killer confidence and a calm poise – all in one look – is what you’re going for when dressing up in the morning for work or a business meeting. Pair of heels or white sneakers, elegant and simple accessories, neat hairstyle, a makeup that accentuates your eyes – and you’re ready to go. It’s important to note that your clothes or accessories don’t have to be pricey – price does not equal style here, just make sure everything in your outfit goes well together.

Romantic Look

Dressing up doesn’t need to happen for a special occasion. You may wake up on a random day and decide you want to make the day special – go out with your girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while, throw a romantic surprise to your loved one or have a date with yourself.

Once again, skivvies come in handy: just pair up a skivvy with a circle skirt or a midi or maxi tulle skirt, and voila, a breathtaking yet soft look! Loose waves, eye-catching accessories, pink or red lipstick, a good amount of blush on the cheeks, and a pair of comfortable heels – you can go as Charlotte and Grace Kelly as you want. Don’t hold back from romanticizing and enjoy your special day!

There are so many ways to style a skivvy – we have looked only at a small fraction of them. You can never go wrong with choosing a good-quality skivvy as one of the basic pieces in your wardrobe – it’s something that never gets too outdated or too basic and boring. Just make sure you choose the one you think fits your style the most, and watch it fitting perfectly with the rest of your clothes and elevating your aesthetics up a notch.