I have never been happier than when my best friend asked me to be the maid of honor at her wedding. As a larger than average girl, however, I often am unable to find clothing that fits me and feels comfortable. But chicsew.com had the answer – with custom sizing and high quality gowns. Keep reading to hear about my try-on review: 

Website Design

Chicsew’s website caught my attention right away due to its ease of use. The number of choices from the brand was higher than any shop or other webpage I had found. The website was simple to navigate, with good photographs of the dresses from various angles so that I could see their true shape and design. At the top of the page, there was a red banner with a discount code ready to use to save me even more money, and information on their custom sizing options which was a real selling point to help me find a dress that fits my size. 

The Dresses

When I first saw the website, I was blown away by the sheer amount of bridesmaid gowns available. I had never seen such a wide range of options anywhere else, despite visiting a lot of physical stores and browsing for hours online. There are over 280 designs to choose from on the website, with each dress available in a variety of colours. When it came to the colour, I was told that it should be a pastel shade and long style in order to fit in with the theme of the wedding but had free reign to decide apart from this. I opted to use Chic Sew’s swatch offer to view the hues in person after narrowing them down to long terracotta color satin bridesmaid dresses, long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses and champagne. One can also try linen dresses for women| minimalisticlinen.com, since they look great and are comfortable.

Swatches of both hues were supplied to my door at an affordable price so that I could evaluate them against my skin tone and in varied lighting. This service was quite helpful in giving me confidence in my final selection as I had a real idea of what the dress would look like. I chose champagne because looked best with my skin tone. 

When it came to choosing the style of dress, I knew that the other bridesmaids had decided on a chiffon, lightweight material. I agreed with this choice as the wedding is planned during the hot summer months and this breezy fabric would keep us cool in the sun. I was determined to cover the top section of my arms as this is the part of my body that I feel most self-conscious about. 

I finally found the perfect dress for me — long champagne satin bridesmaid dresses – after much contemplation. I have to admit it took me longer than I expected to choose as there were so many options.  I loved the cross over waist detail that pulled the dress in, and the floaty chiffon sleeves that could hide my arms. 

I was pleased with the dress’s price of $139.99, especially since it included free custom sizing, which meant it will be manufactured to my exact proportions. Having searched high and low for a bridesmaid dress already, I had not seen many cheaper options. 

When I chose custom sizing, a simple and easy-to-follow measuring guide appeared, guiding me through the process of collecting my measures and entering them into the web page. This process took around 10 minutes and was easy to follow. 

The Shipping

It was time to choose the delivery option after I had finalised my design and dress colour, as well as entered my measurements. Since the dress was made to order, I knew it would take some time, so I incorporated it into my calendar. I picked the expedited shipping option to guarantee that it came on time (within 20 days) – which it did. I was pleasantly delighted when the package came on time, as I have heard horror stories about online orders from other companies simply not turning up. 

Having previously bought from other online dress retailers where the dresses were created to measure, I was really pleased with the delivery time period, since the shipping time was far shorter. On top of this, the turnaround time from taking the measurements to getting my dress was actually quicker than that of physical bridesmaid dress shops that I had visited. 

The Package

The gown arrived in well-wrapped packaging that was well-protected from harm during the shipping procedure. I immediately noticed the delicate, high-quality material when I opened the box and wrapping, as well as the stunning sky blue shade. In my hands, the craftsmanship felt fantastic with intricate stitching and floaty material, and I couldn’t wait to put it on. The dress was simple to put on, with a back zip that allowed me to slip the dress on easily, before securing it. 

The custom sizing here really paid off – with the dress being a perfect fit which is something that I don’t experience often. My larger chest felt supported, and the cross-over waist design was flattering and pulled me in in all the right places. Most importantly, the floaty material flowed amazingly down from my shoulders, over the parts of my arms that I am most self-conscious about. 

I’ll be honest, although the website looked great – I was unsure of ordering a dress online without seeing it in person at first. But all my worries immediately dissolved when I saw the dress on. Not only was it flattering, but it was comfortable so that I could easily move around, and extremely well made. The material and the stitch work were of a high quality and I couldn’t imagine a better dress.

Overall – Is It Worth It? 

Yes, yes and yes! If I ever need another bridesmaid dress in my lifetime, I will 100% be ordering it from Chicsew. From my first visit to the website to the ordering and custom sizing process, the whole thing was easy to do. The dress itself was delivered quickly and fit perfectly to my body meaning that I didn’t need to organize any alterations. The material is of a wonderful quality and felt delicate and floaty – perfect for an ethereal bridesmaid dresses look – I highly recommend the dress and the website!