Rose gold has been increasingly popular in recent years, not only on the bridesmaid dress scene but also in home, decor, iPhones, jewellery and clothing – even in Cetims prom dresses. When it comes to weddings, rose gold has been one of the top wedding themes in the past five years, and this trend is not due to die down any time soon. Rose gold is a pinky toned gold which adds a touch of romance into the colour scheme during this romantic day and is also popular with bridesmaids. Rose gold can be more than just a bridesmaid dress theme, however and can instead be present throughout your whole wedding. Let’s take a closer look:

Rose gold colour combinations that we absolutely love

Rose gold is a beautiful sheet as appears with so many other colours, allowing you some freedom with your wedding colour scheme. This could mean that your bridesmaids are all wearing rose gold, but the groomsmen and bouquets have different coloured accents, or it could mean that you are opting for a mix and match bridesmaid dresses style, we are some are in plus size rose gold satin bridesmaid dresses and some are in a second tone.

One of the most popular rose, gold colour combinations is rose gold paired with pale Ivory and terracotta dresses. This sets an elegant, almost ethereal tone for your wedding which can add a real sense of luxury to your special day. The softer colours in this combination are perfect for a spring wedding against a blooming garden backdrop.

If you’re looking for a bolder rose gold colour combination, why not pair the light rose gold shade with a deep navy blue. This is a classic pairing that looks good during every season. Often, groomsmen are found wearing navy suits with rose gold ties while the bridesmaids are wearing rose gold with navy accents within their bouquet to tie the whole look together. Your wedding cake and décor can also fit in perfectly with this combination, which also looks stunning on wedding invitations.

One final rose cool combination that we love is rose gold paired with a dark charcoal and baby pink, which is often used for more formal black tie events. The dark, consuming shade of charcoal perfectly combines with the light and innocent baby pink for a stunning combination. Adding rose gold accents into the mix adds a touch of glamour. 

Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The rose gold of Cetims dresses is a stunning shade that is metallic with a beautiful hint of pink. The shade is available in hundreds of different bridesmaid dress designs, meaning that you can find a shade that is perfect for your close friends and family. Why not try mix and matching bridesmaid dress styles while sticking to the same colour palette to allow your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and show off their personalities. Take a look at a few of our favourite rose gold dress designs for your inspiration: 

The Cetims Isabel dress, which comes in a rose gold colour, is one of our most popular metallic bridesmaid dresses. This floor-length, off-the-shoulder mermaid style will embrace the shape of any bridesmaid wearing it, gracefully skimming their curves and highlighting all the right spots. Thick off-the-shoulder straps and a tiny, airy train on the back of the dress give it a red carpet-friendly appearance. This gown is perfect for winter weddings in areas with mild winters, or for chilly settings, it may be coupled with a shawl in an accent colour from your wedding’s colour scheme.

The Cetims Cynthia in the colour rose gold is one of our favourite cool-toned bridesmaid dresses that is ideal for the winter. This stunning rose shade blends beautifully with cool whites and silvers and is ideal for any wedding with an elegant wintery theme. The dress’s style is both sleek and exquisite, and its spiky neckline, which resembles sharp ice, is a very original and show-stopping feature. To keep your bridesmaids warm and cosy if your wedding is in a chilly climate, think about wearing this with an ivory shawl or fur boleros. Avoid wearing a necklace with this design because of the complex neckline and choose some statement rose gold earrings instead for some extra glitter.

Other Ways To Incorporate Rose Gold Into Your Special Day 

In addition to your bridesmaid dresses, there are many ways to incorporate rose gold into your wedding theme as it is such as versatile shade. Firstly, if you are looking for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to match in with your bridesmaids, take a look at Cetims mother of the bride dresses for inspiration – these can colour match your bridesmaids perfectly for a picture perfect family photo.

Firstly, rose gold is a metal, and can be used in jewellery – with sales of rose gold engagement rings increasing massively in recent years. Why not ensure that all your jewellery is rose gold for that added little special touch – from your wedding bands to any necklaces or earrings worn by the bridesmaids to the groomsmen’s cufflinks. Generally speaking, rose fold is slightly more affordable than traditional wedding bands meaning that this may also allow you to stick to a budget. 

As rose gold décor has also increased in popularity in recent years, there are a number of different tableware, plate and centrepiece options available in the shade. On top of this, adding rose gold twine into your bouquets adds a little bit of an extra touch, as well as wedding favours and invitations that are rose gold themed to set the tone of the day. To get some inspiration, why not turn to popular wedding blogs or social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest for a look at how previous brides have added this into their special day. Whatever you choose to plan, with rose gold as a central aspect of your wedding, your day is sure to look beautiful.