Shopping for dresses online is a convenient way to buy clothes. There is no need to walk around, waste time waiting in line, or even rush against fellow shoppers during a big sale. There may be very few challenges you’ll encounter when you make use of e-commerce, but with these useful and actionable tips, you’ll find online shopping for dresses a breeze.

1. Understand, Know, and Convert Your Measurements

Notice that the word used here is “measurements” not sizes. Why is that? The reason is that “sizes” tend to change from one online retailer to another. It doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes or dresses. Whether you’re on eBay, Amazon, TEMT, and others, they will all have different sizing standards.

Yes, there is such a thing as true fit, and some dress sellers on the internet use that system. However, there’s just no way to tell if a reseller follows that said standard. A rule of thumb here is to know your actual measurements. Some measurements will be in inches while others will be in centimeters—so learn how to convert between one to the other. You should also make it a habit to take your current measurements before you shop online. Remember that our actual measurements change from month to month.

2. Ignore Any Size Labels—Look for the Sizing Guide

Again, as stated earlier, there are different sizing standards used by different manufacturers. The good news is that they will usually post their own sizing guides. This should be the first thing that you should look for when shopping for dresses online. Compare the measurements that you see on the sizing guide with your current measurements.

3. Pay Attention to the Fabric

Sure the dress looks good on the picture, but would it look good in real life? One way you will know if it will truly shine is by understanding the quality of the fabric. Is it wool or is it jersey knit? Is that stretchy spandex or is it silk? Do you remember how each one would feel on your skin? These are important questions that you should be able to answer when you check out the fabric description.

4. Understand Your Body Shape

That mermaid gown looks oh so good on that model they have on the site, right? Will it look good on you too? But wait – is that 50s style dress a good fit for your body shape? Are you an hourglass shape, pear, inverted pair, or rectangle? Check the cut and style of the dress and see if it is a good fit for your body shape.

5. Call Your Seamstress

One last important tip when shopping for dresses online is to consult with your seamstress. There is really no way for an RTW manufacturer to produce dresses that fit every body type and configuration. That’s where a good seamstress will come in handy.

Summing Up

E-commerce has revolutionized the shopping experience. With some tips and tricks to help consumers buy clothes over the internet, and the fashion industry not showing any sign of slowing down, online shopping will continue to evolve.