Are you looking for ideas on how to choose a suitable cremation urn for a loved one who just passed away?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of deaths has continued to increase, resulting in a sharp increase in the demand for cremation urns. Mostly, a high-quality cremation urn depends on the component and benefits that the buyer needs. 

However, cremation urns come in a variety of styles and materials, also these are available in popular themes to provide an enormous variety of options to find the perfect memorial for your loved one.

These are some qualities to look out for in a cremation urn, even if you haven’t done this before. 

Do You Need Handcrafted Urns? 

When looking to purchase an appropriate cremation urn that is as special as the life it is meant to symbolize, good quality is most times synonymous with hand-crafted ones that give attention to details. Whether you want hand-carved marble cremation urns with a simple design to wooden or metal artisanal urns, we have different cremation urns for ashes. However, a handcrafted urn reflects excellence through the intentional use of material, texture, color, engraving or etching, and design. The urn professionals at advise that you give attention to details on the design, finishing, and etching of the urn as that distinguishes high-quality manufacturers from the poorer ones. However, having an urn handcrafted offers the possibility of unique patterns, colors, variations of etching for borders, and designs. It also means that you will own a thing of beauty that will be admired for a long time. 

Does The Material Matter To You?

What materials are you looking for? There are a wide variety of materials to select from when choosing a top-quality cremation urn. You might consider speaking with our professionals to find out the historical use of the material and the features that show its quality.

You may like the traditional look of a brass urn, the warmth of a wood box, or the stately look of genuine marble. Consider the function that the urn will perform before settling on which material choice is best for you. You might ask:

  • Will the urn be used to Scatter Ashes?

The meaning associated with scattering varies across cultures, as often influenced by religious beliefs. Some Christians connect scattering ashes with Genesis 3:19 where the Bible says… “For dust you are, and to dust, you will return.” 

In many first-world urban areas, scattering ashes represent an environmental consideration regarding land conservation. While, in Hindu culture, scattering is a way of freeing the soul or spirit of the deceased. 

  • Will the Urn be Buried?

The decision to scatter or to bury is critical, and it will help to determine the kind of material that is suitable. Metal urns and urns made from materials like granite, marble, onyx, or custom blends of resin are suitable for burial because they have the strength to withstand underground forces which can cause stress to the urn.

  • Do you want the Urn to be in a Niche? Or at Home?

Whether made from maple, mahogany, oak, bamboo, pine, cedar, or rosewood, wood urns are perfectly okay for the indoor. With these, you can engrave inscriptions on the wood surface, and they are easy to maintain as all you need to wipe it with a dry cloth or clean it with furniture polish. You can also use ceramic and glass urns for their aesthetic appeal although they require more caution to handle. 

  • Do you want Non-Breakable Urn Material? Or do you want the Urn to be Biodegradable?

When planning to bury the ashes of a deceased in an urn, it is essential to know what you want. Do you want an urn made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials that can float in a sea or do not harm the environment?

You can use biodegradable burial urns made from recycled paper, wood, plant fibers, gelatin, sand, and other similar renewable materials that decompose easily with time. 

The above questions will help guide you to choosing the most appropriate material. 

Does It Securely Contain Content?

Before choosing an urn, decide on the extent of closure that meets your needs. When you collect the urn, ensure that the closure will securely contain the ashes to your satisfaction.

Each cremation urn comes with a description of how it contains the ashes. Some closures are secure but not permanently glued down: a lid that screws on tightly; or a panel that screws and unscrews. Other lids simply rest on the neck of an urn and may require glue to keep it tightly anchored. 

If you intend to scatter the ashes, then the urn should secure the contents, and open smoothly to allow the contents to be scattered when you wish to do so. 

Does It Securely Contain Content?

What Is The Size Of The Urn?

Consider the capacity and dimensions of the urn you need. The typical size needed is an Adult cremation urn. The general guideline in the industry is that 1 lb. of weight before cremation equals 1 cubic inch of ashes.

So adult size generally will hold the ashes of anyone who was 200-220 lbs. or less before cremation. Medium urns are needed when dividing one person’s ashes among several people or for children. While keepsake urns are for small amounts of ashes to be kept in remembrance. 

In cases of very tall or larger framed individuals (over 6 feet tall), extra-large urns are available too. So if you are using a niche in a church or columbarium, call ahead to find out the niche size before choosing your urn. 

In the end, your choice of a cremation urn largely depends on you and your family, the final resting place, and whatever you want to do whether to bury, keep or scatter. 

If you prefer to keep the ashes or a portion of the ashes at home, you can buy a meaningful and aesthetic cremation urn. However, following these ideas will help you find the perfect high-quality urn for your loved one.