Fashion and trends come and go. We go through the latest issues of Australian Vogue or Cosmopolitan to only find out that the bag we saved up for last season is no more fashionable. However, there are pieces that stay trendy for years, and some even become timeless, appearing and reappearing over and over again as time goes. 

Here are a few of our picks of such long term pieces that will be on-trend in the upcoming season in Australia:

1. Wide Leg Trousers

People say it’s time for the skinny jeans trend to die. Although we don’t completely agree with that (too many great looks that we observed and wore throughout the years), we do agree that wider trousers coming back in fashion was a breath of fresh air after years of parading in the tightest jeans possible. 

You can look up to icons such as Miranda Kerr or Margot Robbie, who are often spotted pulling off the wide-leg trousers looks. For now, here is what we noticed works best with this little unknown territory of non-skinny trousers: it works best if the top of your outfit is tighter compared to the bottom. If you are not comfortable wearing something tight as a top, you can also wear the most durable raglan t shirts for having great comfort.

2.Feminine Dresses

Just half a decade ago floral midi dresses and long silky pieces were considered a poor taste: tight mini dresses, bold colours were the “it” factor for fashionable women. As fashion is moving more towards comfort, so do dresses. Long silhouettes, pastel colours, cottagecore aesthetics designs, floral prints are the preferred. The modern twist is that you don’t have to have a pair of heels or high-end shoes to go with these dresses, like it used to be before: a pair of plain simple white sneakers will keep the outfit fresh and down-to-earth. Another great thing is that you don’t even need a special occasion or a fancy event to wear this kind of dresses – they’ve become a versatile everyday piece that you can wear to get a cup of coffee with your friend or just walk around the city. 

It is important to note that with the pandemic situation in the world a lot of people can’t get offline access to stores to try the dresses on, and see them in real life before the package has arrived, and it’s too late (not all shops have good return policies). Pasduchas dresses are a great go-to choice, as with this store you can be sure the clothing is of high quality and everything is tailored to the needs and wishes of customers.

3.Fancy Masks

There is no point in denying this – masks should be worn, everyone needs to stay safe. This seemingly slight change to what we wear every day has led to many complaints: a lot of people say that their skin gets irritated, makeup doesn’t stay as long as it should, etc. While this kind of observations is to be addressed by dermatologists and makeup artists, there is one thing that people often note, and we can help with: masks ruin the outfit. Many people say that the moment they put on a medical mask, that’s it: the vibe is ruined, the colour of the mask doesn’t fit the overall ensemble.

To that, we have a simple answer: fancy masks. You can buy them, you can make them yourself, but the point is – it is trendy now to not view your mask as an inconvenient piece but rather a new opportunity to unleash your creativity and taste and stay at the top of your outfit game. You can add flowers or any other patterns made of material or sequins, you can find some options with lace on them or with glitters – any kind of design as long as it doesn’t tamper with the original purpose of the mask: protecting but allowing you to breath. 

4.White Knee-High Boots

While the white version of the all-time black classic has been trending for a while, the moment first pictures from the Gossip Girl 2021 reboot, featuring one of the main characters Julien Calloway wearing Schutz white knee-high boots, started circulating on the Internet, the trend was solidified. And what can we say? They’re new, they’re bold, and they refer back to the classic.

You can wear those with almost everything you want – nothing is off-limits this time. Even wearing them with a piece of clothing that ends right where the boots start – which is actually more hip this time around. An important thing to remember here – your comfort: look out for a good stable heel, or think about whether you even want them with the heel – maybe you’re better off without. Also, pay attention to the material, and choose the shape that works best for you and goes well with the rest of your wardrobe. This unusual pair is a power statement – embrace it!

5.Head Scarfs

Head scarfs have been making little comebacks every now and then – as a piece to tie around your neck, as a scarf hair tie, as a headband, but now all the range of ways to wear them have come trendy all at the same time. There seems to be no limit on how and when you want to wear those. Our personal favorite here is the Grace Kelly style – covering your whole head with the scarf and tying it around your neck – a truly mysterious signature look that sends us back to old Hollywood classic movies. This goes well with a blouse and wide-leg trousers, as well as any dress: a pair of classic sunglasses for the extra posh effect. Isn’t it great how such a little detail can level up and transform your whole outfit while protecting your head from too much sun exposure?

As we said earlier, fashion and trends come and go, but sometimes some items that come are so powerful and game-changing that they stay. In our opinion, these items are the ones worthy of having them in wardrobe and using over and over again, playing them in the light of new things that come our way.