It’s his birthday, or Christmas is coming. You know you want to surprise and delight him with a gift he’ll love, but you find yourself at a loss. What on earth should you give him? Of course, if you can afford the latest Ferrari, you’ll hit a home run, but since most of us can’t, what are our alternatives? Heaven forbid, you crumble under the pressure and end up buying socks or another tie he’ll hardly ever wear.

Catalogs and advertisements sometimes turn up a little inspiration, but they’re almost as likely to end up suggesting something generic that isn’t really “him.” Toiletry gift sets? They might be a good idea if it’s his brand and he actually uses all the products. But unless they are, some or all of the items will end up gathering dust for a few years before hitting the bin with a fragrant “clonk” noise. 

Chocolates? Gift cards? They’re usually acceptable, and they will be enjoyed, but they’re a cop-out “I didn’t know what to get you so I got you this,” gift and both of you will know it! Check out our tips for choosing the ideal gift for the man in your life – this could be the inspiration you’re looking for!

Get Him Almost Anything Tech

Unless your man is really, really unusual, he’ll fall into the “men love tech,” stereotype. It’s there because nine times out of ten, it’s perfectly true. Gadgets are alluring, and even those who don’t see themselves as being tech-junkies would love things like a cordless charger, a super-duper compact speaker, or almost anything Apple. 

This option comes first on our list because it’s a quick-thinking, easy option that will nevertheless leave him impressed by your thoughtfulness even though it doesn’t take a lot of thought at all! Think about the things he loves to do in his leisure time, and you’re sure to come up with a gadget he can use to enhance the experience. 

On the off-chance that you aren’t tech-oriented yourself, don’t leave it up to salespeople to help you decide – they might just fob you off with stock that isn’t really moving for good reasons! There are tech gifts any techie would love just about everywhere. Be sure to read the reviews and make sure that your choice will be a good one.

The basic criteria?

  • It’s this year’s advance, not last year’s leftovers.
  • The brand has standing. Copies and generics can be cheap and effective, but they can also be nasty.
  • It complements his lifestyle and will see regular, even daily, use.
  • It looks awesome. Yes, looks do matter!

Choose the Leisure Route

Goodies that he can play with during his leisure time may not be tech-oriented at all. Your choice depends on the things you know about your man. What does he like doing on weekends? What do he and his friends do when they’re out and about together? Most importantly, what does he already have, and as he mentioned something he’d love to get?

If your keen outdoorsman needs new camping gear, for example, that could be a good choice. Once again, the top brands will be welcomed, and they’ll last better than the cheaper alternatives. Barbeque gear and accessories are another favorites that will suit most men. Even if he isn’t the hunting, fishing, mountain-climbing type, there’s something about barbeques that appeals to the inner caveman. 

From cycling accessories to computer games or comfy hammocks for Sunday naps, you should be able to find something that will make the things he already likes to do even nicer. If you choose something that caters to his interests rather than yours, that’s great! It shows that you thought about him and what he likes rather than your own preferences.

Make some Memories that  Last a Lifetime

Whether it’s an exciting day trip for the two of you or a weekend away in some spot you know he’ll love, making memories together is a very special way to show your love. A word of warning though: present him a fait accompli. I tried the “Name your outing, any outing, and I’ll do the organizing” thing, and it doesn’t work. I’m still waiting for my man to collect his gift two years down the line! At most, leave the dates open for him to choose when it’s going to happen. 

Imagine the fun you can have together: a helicopter or hot air balloon flight, tandem paragliding, a day out on a luxury yacht, or romance in a fabulous spot for stargazing  – the possibilities are endless. Best of all, your gift will bring you closer together as a couple and, if all goes according to plan, you’ll have happy memories to look back on for a lifetime. Just one more tip: don’t take the kids along unless you absolutely have to! 

Go Personalized

Your relationship is based on mutual respect and admiration. There’s something really special about something that has been thoughtfully personalized – and no! I’m not talking about a monogrammed lawnmower! Think of something he’ll use every day or almost every day. One of my favorite ideas is a personalized dressing gown. What guy doesn’t like swanning around in a soft, plush gown all Sunday if he can get away with it? Mine certainly does!

Personalized coffee cups and T-shirts are a little unimaginative, but what if you went all-out with the design? In this case, it’s the thought that went into it that counts. Make him smile, even laugh with your absolutely “him” choices.

Give Your Time

Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. In our busy lives, there are a lot of things we would like to do for our menfolk, but somehow seldom, if ever, get around to. A small gift and a big commitment could be the very things he’ll love more than any other. Just be sure you can live up to it! 

Ideas might include something as simple as a bottle of massage oil and a “Voucher” for massages (from you, of course) three times a week. Now that’s spoiling, and it doesn’t even cost much to do. Does he have a favorite meal that’s usually too much effort to cook? Or perhaps, your man would love you to join him for activities that don’t usually interest you. A commitment to do any of these could be just the way to make his year and not just his day. 

Finally, if you’re a lady who loves crafts, and if you have the time to practice them, there’s potential to make a very special gift yourself. Nothing says “I love you” better than something handmade that he’ll love and use often. At least, that’s the theory. If you’re not sure it’ll hold up in your case, you can’t go wrong with tech!