A diamond tennis necklace is a piece of jewelry that makes people go ‘gaga’ every time they look at it. But as we all know, nobilities, royalties, and celebrities have styled this mystique and intriguing jewelry piece that is a diamond tennis necklace for decades. And it looks like these influential people will never not style this timeless piece of jewelry, aka the tennis necklace. 

We know that getting your hands on a mined diamond can be a bit dicey as it falls on the pricier side of the jewelry section, but with people embracing sustainable and eco-friendly choices, we have pocket-friendly lab grown diamonds in the picture with advanced technology. They are known for their versatility and indistinguishable properties, similar to their mined counterparts. 

Shopping for a lab diamond tennis necklace can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to look for. With the right guidance and knowledge, your tennis necklace buying experience will be as easy as a walk in the park. 

Hence, we are here to help you learn about the different types of necklaces available on the market and how to choose one that suits your needs. From understanding the benefits of buying them to tips on how to style one, we have everything you need to know before buying one. 

What to Look for When Buying One

Understand the 4 C’s of Diamonds

Similar to selecting jewelry with natural diamonds, an important factor that you should consider when shopping for a lab diamond tennis necklace is the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. 

  • Cut: The cut of a diamond emits a beautiful sparkle because light reflects properly off each facet and affects the total light performance.
  • Color: Color is the grade ranging from D to Z, with the spectrum between D and F colorless. Diamonds ranging from D to F are mostly considered the best for jewelry, whereas diamonds of grade Z will have a minor color tinge to them. 
  • Clarity:  It refers to the presence of inclusions and imperfections in a diamond. An inclusion is a succession of pinpoints, clouds, or crystals found within a diamond. Meanwhile, blemishes are surface scratches on the diamond. 
  • Carat: Carat is the unit of measurement for the physical weight of a diamond, where one carat of a diamond equals 0.200 grams. The total weight of the diamond is determined by its carat.

Choose Your Preferred Metal Color 

The color of the metal you choose plays an important role in affecting the overall design of your necklace. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or maybe even platinum, consider all the available color options and choose the shade that you like the best. 

Before selecting the metal color, decide on what metal will match your style and complement the selected diamond shape. Also, list down which metal tone suits your personal style; is it the warmth of yellow gold or the vibrance of white gold, or maybe you love the romantic hue of rose gold, or would you go with the contemporary vibe of platinum? 

Necklace Length and Styling Tips

After listing out these factors, we are sure you will move on to deciding the length of the lab grown diamond tennis necklace. If you want a choker-style tennis necklace, you can easily pair it with almost every outfit because this length works wonderfully and complements smart casual outfits. A choker tennis necklace beautifully pairs with jeans, a t-shirt, and an oversized blazer for a relaxed, business-casual look. Additionally, if you are looking for inspiration to style a longer tennis necklace for a preppy-style outfit, consider styling it with button-down shirts, satin blouses, and knit cardigans. A well-put outfit like this gives an old-money and minimalistic appearance to your overall style.

Exquisite diamond tennis necklace gleaming with timeless elegance and sophistication Why You Should Buy a Tennis Necklace

Not only are lab grown diamond necklaces classic pieces of jewelry, but there are also additional benefits to buying a diamond necklace that make it an attractive purchase. 

  • Beauty: Undoubtedly, diamonds have everyone’s heart because of their inherent beauty and mystique. We know that despite other gemstones being precious and having radiant beauty, there is no comparison when it comes to a ravishing diamond set in a gorgeous tennis necklace.
  • Selection and Uniqueness: No style falls short when it comes to lab diamond necklaces, from classic solitaires to fancy-shaped emerald diamonds. Depending on your personal style, you can choose from different metal types, as mentioned in the above section of this guide. This quality is what makes lab diamond tennis necklaces a versatile and stylish choice for any occasion.
  • Affordability: Lab diamond necklaces are much more affordable than their mined counterparts, with the same cut, color, clarity, and carat, but with a price that ranges 40%-70% less. This makes a lab diamond tennis necklace a more popular and affordable choice for most people.

Can You Wear a Tennis Necklace Every Day? 

We all might wonder and have this lingering question at some point: Can we wear a tennis necklace every day? Yes, you can wear a diamond tennis necklace every day because it is a classic piece of jewelry that complements any look. Gone are the days when you would reserve your diamond jewelry only for special occasions, especially with so much contemporary and modern diamond jewelry perfectly capturing your aura. Tennis necklaces are perfect if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is effortless to style and helps you show off your chic fashion sense.

Along with that, diamonds sustain their shine forever because they are one of the hardest materials on earth. Therefore, they are incredibly durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand the test of time. Since diamonds are resistant to daily use and aging, they are suitable for everyday wear without losing their brilliance or sparkle. This assures you that your lab diamond necklace will last for years.


Now that you have a clear idea of how to list down the factors that will help you make a good purchase, you are just a step away from buying it. The lab diamond industry is thriving, growing, and gaining popularity among customers due to its ethical sourcing and eco-consciousness. 

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