Looking your best takes some effort, regardless of how easy supermodels make it look. It’s not to say you can’t just step out of your home without washing your face or cleaning under your nails. Everyone’s free to do what they like, but each person has their standards when it comes to how they want to look, even if it’s just for a quick run to the supermarket.  

These days, it’s acceptable for women to take extra steps for their looks. It’s no longer seen as being shallow or vain, but it’s empowering and encouraged by many individuals. Gone are the days when women had to hide their use of cosmetics and their desire to feel and be as beautiful as they can be. 

Sunglasses 101

The way you can elevate your looks isn’t always about hair and cosmetics. It’s also what you wear, be it clothing, jewelry, shoes, and even our choice of eyewear. Most importantly, it’s how confidently you carry yourself wherever you go. Still, it won’t hurt to put on a gorgeous pair of sunglasses every time you step out.  

Sunglasses are great because it jazzes up any outfit you have for the day. And it can even help you protect your eyes, especially on those hot summer days. But just like fashion, sunglasses follow trends, too. These days, some styles are in, while others are a bit deemed outdated. To make sure you’re up to date with all the new and fashionable sunglasses this year, here’s a list of all the styles, frames, and tints you can choose from:

1. Patterns And Statement Frames 

The year 2021 is a time to be bold, and what better way to make a statement than through your sunglasses? Wearing neon pants or obnoxiously patterned shirts might be a look for some people, but for others, it might be too much. 

But just because it’s not your style doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. The best way you could try to fuse statement patterns into your style is to buy tortoise shell sunglasses because it’s bold without being too over the top. 

2. Mod Oversized Sunglasses 

Trends usually recycle pieces and styles already seen in history. The 1960’s mod style from London has always been popular because of its striking and unique aesthetic. And no one could have ever doubted it’d make its way into modern trends, so it’s no wonder many people are excited about mod oversized sunglasses making their rounds back into fashion.  

But this style isn’t for the faint of heart since they’re head-turners with their large frames covering more than half of the face that’ll make any outfit extra. 

3. Futuristic Frames 

Next up are futuristic frames making you look like you’ve just stepped out of a movie having the plot happening centuries from now. This futuristic aesthetic is in, especially for the younger generations. 

Futuristic shield-like sunglasses with mirror lenses will look gorgeous for those who aren’t afraid to ramp up their outfits, and some fashion icons are slaying this Cyberpunk-futuristic-chic look. Adapting this style will definitely fit any futuristic sunglasses you want to try.  

4. Narrow Frames 

As mentioned, old fashion and trends are bound to return to the rotation sooner or later, so it’s best to hang on to some of the unique pieces you have from each era. Nowadays, narrow framed sunglasses are back in, and it’s easy to see the 90s inspiration. 

Social media influencers have been showing off tiny sunglasses as not practical for eye protection but more of an aesthetic choice to draw attention to the wearer’s eyes. This is why rectangular or oval narrow frames are perfect for showing off any eye makeup you have for the day.  

5. Butterfly Sunglasses 

Another trend set by fashion brands and leaders is butterfly sunglasses. When it comes to women’s sunglasses, having a bit of an upward angle to your frames can add a more feminine touch. This is why cat-eye sunglasses were popular for some time, but these days, butterfly sunglasses are in because they’re angular and larger than cat-eye sunglasses. Since oversized frames are in, it’s great to see new and unique shapes adapted to the style.  

6. Modern Aviator Sunglasses 

Aviator sunglasses will always be stylish, but for people who get tired of specific designs quickly, modern takes on the classic frames are becoming more popular today. They can come in more angled or rectangular shapes, heavier frames, or bold color choices and combinations. So if you’re looking to try something new but you’re afraid to look absurd, then these fresh takes on aviator sunglasses are a good tradeoff.

7. Classic Aviators 

No one’s surprised classic aviator sunglasses are still in style today as it’s a unisex style anyone can wear. It looks good on most face shapes, hairstyles, and fashion choices, so it’s completely understandable why it’s been a favorite and staple for most people. If you’re not sure about what sunglasses to have in your car, classic aviators will do the trick as it protects your eyes and ramps up your outfit for the day. 

8. Jewelry For Your Sunglasses 

Bling for sunglasses is the final trend we have on this list. It doesn’t matter what kind of sunglasses you choose because you can easily make them trendy by adding a bit of sparkle. Sunglasses chains are incredibly chic today, and it doesn’t matter if it’s utilitarian or not. 

Chains of different materials, colors, and shapes pop up all over social media, and it’s a stunning look. Some are more subtle with a thin gold chain, but they can easily be made more glamorous by adding different charms. Out of all the sunglasses trends this year, this is one you can play up or down to express yourself and your creativity.  


Sunglasses will always be a staple for women because it’s a fashion accessory and a means to protect your eyes and your skin. Plus, it’s a great way to look fabulous without putting any concealer on. Most of the trends for this year are either big and bold or small and dainty. Either way, it’s all about making a statement working for you.