Every lady desire to have a wide range of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. I mean, who doesn’t? For the female gender, it’s not just an option, it’s a necessity. So, over the years, we tend to build up our enviable collection of outfits, jewelry, and accessories but it comes at a cost. Ironically, having a wide variety of wholesale jewelry, not only satisfies our need for fashion but also come with a problem of ‘selection headache’. I’m talking about the ‘good problem’ that puts you in the front of the mirror for an hour pondering which jewelry matches which outfits. If you’re risking on going with standing out, why not try out Roy Jewels?

To ease you of some pressure, I’d like you to know we all face this same problem as ladies. The men might not understand but sometimes, it’s as tough as a decision to make as when Elon Musk had to decide between saving Telsa and SpaceX. 

Get it wrong then it might be a day you’d soon want to forget but get it right and then you’re guaranteed stand out.

But choosing the right jewelry to match the right outfit is not as mysterious and difficult as it might seem for some ladies. The key is exposure, fashion sense, and experience. Well, we got all of that covered for you.

This article will make your fashion jewelry selection a lot easier and stress-free. At the end of it, you’d be able to easily choose the right jewelry to match your different outfits. So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started?

Casual Outfits 101: Perfect Jewelry Combination for your Daily Outfits.

For you to determine which jewelry type will best fit your dressings, first and foremost you have to take into consideration the different items of clothing available in your closet. Another relatively important thing to look out for is the purpose of your outfit. Are you dressing to fit into the cooperate world or just to add a little bit of Glam to your daily wears? The knowledge of the types of necklines and sleeves will guide your choices.

Necklines and Sleeves:

The different necklines and sleeves need to be put into consideration, in order to make the right jewelry choices for your different outfits.

For dresses or tops with High necklines; a long thread or chain pendant is highly recommended.

Rounded necklines leave a large area of the neck open and this space will be best adorned with a chunky necklace to make a bold statement.  With strapless tops or dresses, you need a very stylish necklace that is firmly attached to the neck to compliment this dress style. For V – necklines a V-shaped pendant necklace or choker will be just perfect.

Regardless of the type of necklines or sleeves you want to put on, make sure to get an accessory that would enhance your outfit and not be covered by it.

Evening Outfits:

For your evening dresses, classy and elaborate outfits that would be complemented with eye-catchy Jewelry is a good pick. If you want to rock a gown for your evening outfits simple pearl earrings are the best fit. Alongside a diamond ring and chains with a pendant made from precious stone to add a few sparkles to your dressing. Make sure your jewelry and dress color is not contrasting to keep your looks deliberate and elegant.

Special Occasion: 

Choosing the right accessories for special occasions like weddings has caused a major concern for brides over the years. Make sure the color of your jewelry is in the sink with your gown. For example, snow Whitegowns look terrific with silver platinum or white gold accessories.

In choosing the type of necklace to fit your gown, knowledge of the different necklines we’ve discussed previously would be highly needed here. To avoid some exaggerating designs or bold fashion necklaces considering the solemnity characteristic of the wedding.

Formal Outfit:

Formal Outfit:

To perfectly fit into the cooperate setting you to need to always keep your accessories short, simple, and classy. Pearl or diamond earrings is well suited. You can also use chokers if your dress style permits. Choosing some modest style of fashion jewelry designs for formal outfits will help you keep the consistency of your style, therefore enable you to better fit into the formal occasions or render your professionalism. For instance, if you are sitting in a job interview, you always want to render yourself in a neat way by dressing sharply to be professional. So you probably will wear a white blouse, in this case, a delicate, slim necklace and a pair of simple design stud earrings will be perfect matches.

Sport Outfit:

Sport Outfit:

Most of the women are ignoring the right match of jewelry with their sports outfits simply because they will not wear jewelry at all when doing sports. However, a fashion lady will never stop chasing fashion and will keep displaying her beauty anytime she wants including sport time. Therefore choosing the appropriate fashion jewelry pieces to match sports outfits becomes a challenging task for fashion women. Since you will do all sorts of sports activities, you first want to wear some simple and comfortable jewelry pieces such as the basic design of shining studs or small hoops. Additionally, you can choose preferred colors according to your sports outfits, in most cases, your sportswear will be in bright colors, so choosing a consistent color for your basic jewelry style will be brilliant.

Learn to Balance:

To always look gorgeous in your outfits even after choosing the perfect jewelry, you need to learn how to balance your accessories. For example, if you are wearing a necklace, simple pearl earrings or studs are welcomed and when you decide to go without a necklace you can then go elaborate with your fashionable wholesale earrings and bracelets.

Moderation is a quick guide to always keep your dressings in check, make it your dressings’ companion. Regardless of the occasion or dress style, you want to feature, Confidence is the most priceless accessory that would always fit. Your dressing is never complete without it.