What can match the elegance of the Indian saree? The saree, also spelled as sari, is the major outer garment of Indian women which comprises brightly coloured and embroidered silk, cotton, or synthetic cloth which is usually between five and nine yards long.

The Saree, known to be a symbol of ethnic glamour, is typically wrapped round the body and seems to be the most preferred apparel by women in India perhaps because it can be donned in several different ways, and worn to all kinds of occasions while making you look exquisite and suave. Interestingly, Indian women aren’t the only ones who wear this exotic garment, all over the world, women choose to wear it to spice up their dressing.

Traditional Origin of the Saree…

It is a traditional wear which makes up about 30% of the total textile production. Perhaps due to the large number of companies involved in its production, the saree comes in different fabric types, weaving techniques, methods of dying, printing, embellishing, patterns, motifs and colour schemes.

While its origin is relatively unknown, there seems to be allusions to it from as much as 3000BC according to the Rig Veda, the oldest surviving literature in the world. Nonetheless, the traditional way of wearing the Indian saree seems to have metamorphosed into several more modern styles that have undoubtedly increased its appeal to many.

Draping a saree can be fun and quite easy. As you move across different Indian states, you will come across a wide variety of styles from the Benghali, Nauvari, Marathi, Gujarati etc. However, if you only wear your saree in the traditional way in your locale, you take out all the fun in it. Thus in choosing a suitable style, one should consider the type of occasion it will be worn for, and what kind of statement you want to make with it.

Five Ways to Style Your Saree

If you’ve been wondering how to perfectly style your saree, you’ve come to the right place!

We have listed below some interesting new ways to drape your saree and give yourself a modern look

1. The Butterfly Style: 

Talk about wanting to keep heads turning, and mouths wagging. The Butterfly style has been the subject of a lot of comments in the fashion industry. Not only is it stylish, it also makes you look slimmer. Simply make extra thin pleats of your pallu and pin it on your shoulders.

Here’s a step by step guide to turning yourself into a magical princess wearing a butterfly-style saree:

    • Grab the saree, and from the top edge, tuck the saree end into the petticoat and bring it around your waist- proceeding from the right side towards the left. 
    • From the right side, bring the open drape across your back to the front.
    • Now, hold up the pallu section and make pleats at the centre. Tuck it into the petticoat.
    • You could partially cover your chest by spreading the pleats. Otherwise, leave the pallu thin.

2. Pants Saree Style: 

If you are a fashionista looking to make a statement, the pants style would suit your purpose well. Here, you simply swap the traditional underskirts for a pair of leggings or pants. It is easy to wear, comfortable, functional and very chic.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to rock this saree style:

    • Hold the top corner and begin to pleat the saree.
    • Keep pleating until a little less than half the length of the saree has been covered.
    • Once done, use a pin to keep the pleats in place.
    • Tuck in the pleats at your center and keep doing so, from left to right, until the saree reaches your spine.
    • Now, go for the other end of the saree- which is the upper loop. Pleat it neatly and pin it.
    • Place it across your shoulder while simultaneously adjusting the length on your left shoulder and creating a drip on your right hip.
    • Use a safety pin to secure the pallu unto your blouse at the shoulder. 

3. Dhoti Style:

I love this one! The Dhoti Style is a quick and easy way to look beautiful for special occasions like a wedding party or a casual event. The saree to be used for this style must be like a chiffon and have less printing on it to help display drape of dhoti saree clearly.

To make this style even more appealing, use a beautiful blouse, Lycra tights and then drape the saree to a proper length.

4. Pre-Stitched/ Cocktail Style: 

When you are looking for something that is easy to wear, beautiful and fashionable, the pre-stitched saree should be your primary choice in combination with a matching blouse. To make it even more appealing, you can match the saree with a crop top. That’s incredibly modern don’t you think/ I absolutely agree.

To rock this style, follow these steps:

    • To begin with, make sure you are putting on the right clothing. You should be wearing a crop top and leggings.
    • Pleat half the length of the saree and leave the rest to be the pallu.
    • Pin the pleated section and tuck it into your leggings at the center.
    • Wrap the pallu from your left side to your right side.
    • Throw the pallu- after making pleats on it- over your shoulders. Go on to pin it.

5. Belted Style: 

If you have a belt, and a waistline that draws attention, you can rock this style. All you have to do is to cinch your pallu at the waist with a belt after draping your saree normally. It brings elegance to an otherwise average look, accentuating your waistline.


There you have it! How to slay a saree in your favorite styles. Who says you cannot be chic while being traditional? Who says you cannot blend tradition with modernism? Whoever said so is definitely wrong. Party wear by Lashkaraa and other glamorous party wear sarees are crafted uniquely this way to meet your aesthetic and traditional needs.