It is officially pumpkin spice latte season. We all want to wave goodbye to summer dresses and slip into something cozy for winter. As the crisp morning breeze rattles the autumn leaves, you know it’s time to fill your wardrobe with some fall trends.    

Winters are the best time to stick to a capsule wardrobe – a few pieces of clothing that perfectly go with each other. Pick some vital pieces for base layering, formal and casual statement pieces, and accessories to rock the overall look.

Here are a few tips to help curate a fall capsule wardrobe.  

Basics first – Blacks, whites, and neutrals

The base layer is the foundation of a great capsule wardrobe. These can include a black turtle neck or white tee that will go with everything and anything in your wardrobe. You can swap the white tee with a button-down if you want (for workwear). A black, white or cream jumpsuit is also a great basic layer that you can style differently till the end of the season. Pick a beige or a grey turtle neck, which you can style with black pants and denim bottoms. 

Talking about bottom layering, it’s also part of the basic layer of your capsule wardrobe. Add light or dark wash jeans that you can style well with that turtle neck and tee. If you have a more curvaceous figure, plus size jeans such as boot-cut or flared jeans are your best bet to keep you fashionable and comfy this winter. If you like a variety of lengths and fits as your bottom layer, you can also pick black/white/cream wide-leg pants or a mid-length pencil skirt. 

Textures and fabrics for layers   

Once you have picked your basics, it’s time to add layers in different fabrics and textures. A pastel cardigan is not just cozy; you can easily style it with your basics as well. A vibrant woolen shawl will add a chic look to any average outfit. A wool blazer and a sweater vest can be a worthy addition to your formal workwear. A light wool long coat goes a long way – it can act as workwear and hanging-out-for-coffee outfit. You can also restyle your workwear in a chic way by adding accessories and bling. If you like velvet and leather blazers, never hesitate to add a piece or two to your winter capsule wardrobe. A trench coat is a must for your fall wardrobe; you can wear it with a tee or a button-down during those not-so-windy days. When it gets frostier, wear it over a snug turtle neck. 

Stripes, animal prints, and polka dots can also add a trendy vibe to your fall wardrobe. A striped blazer, an animal print scarf, and a polka-dotted dress can all be great picks.  

A plaid blazer is another great layer for your fall capsule wardrobe; you can style it with all your basics.  

Knitwear and chunky sweaters are cozy and give you that laidback look you want to wear when going out for coffee with friends.  

Don’t forget Flannel, another trendy texture for a blazer that can add style to your wardrobe the whole season.  

Silk gives an elegant statement to any outfit. You can style up a silk scarf or jacket well through the fall season.

If you like long outfits, knitted dresses are an excellent choice for fall fashion. Corduroy suit pants can be a great pick if you are looking for something cozy yet stylish in daily office wear. 

Color and bling  

Accessories complete your look and, you are going to need them in your fall capsule wardrobe. A pop of refreshing colors will always add a fresh vibe to your fall looks. Red pumps can be styled well with almost any outfit with neutral tones. A red scarf can also add a classic look to your daily wear. A daytime look can include some funky framed sunglasses and, you can add some bling to your night time outfit with a bit of gold or silver jewelry. There are always some timeless pieces of jewelry you can add to your wardrobe. These may include a golden watch, a linked chain or, golden hoops that can add character to almost any outfit.  

Bags and Shoes  

The right pair of shoes will take you to the right places with the perfect look. They can be a worthy addition to your fall look as well. Furthermore, the winter season is the best excuse to wear boots. Add in a comfortable pair (long or short), and pick a neutral hue such as black or beige that can go with all your basics. If you are a white boot kind of person, pick up a pair as these can look great with jeans. Don’t forget to include a pair of flat pumps for all the laid-back looks you choose. Moreover, if you are a sporty person, a classic pair of sneakers is the best option.  

Bags can be very basic or add more funk to your look; leather tote bags can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. A golden chained black/white/ crossbody bag can complement all your neutral basics. Pop-up colors like red, yellow, Fushia can be styled well with neutral tones too. If you want to keep it subtle with your bags, pick a black or beige clutch for parties and a tote bag for when you are just heading out to work.  

Take away 

A capsule wardrobe should reflect your style statement and have items that you may pair with anything. Less is more when it comes to winter outfits. A few staple pieces will have you sorted for the entire season unless a special occasion comes up. In the end, it’s all about keeping a balanced wardrobe with some statement outfits and accessories that’ll complement your winter looks. Make sure you have every winter layer you’ll need along with the basics mentioned above, and you will turn up the heat this winter for sure!