The act of gifting is generally conducted to make one feel immensely special. Whether it is something big or small, something useful or not, when you receive an item wrapped in shiny paper, you do feel excited and truly happy! But what makes a gift perfect? Because when it comes to giving a gift to someone important, every small detail counts. We want a gift that can make an everlasting impression. And, believe us when we say this, nothing can beat jewelry. Not convinced? Then take a look at the top 10 reasons for gifting jewelry.

It is Timeless

A classic piece of jewelry doesn’t age. It stays fresh with time. Even decades later, it will be in fashion because it will be then considered something vintage. You can pass it down to your family and even the future generations can enjoy it. But, it is not the same with clothes or handbags. Even if you personalize it, with time, it deteriorates.

It’s Isn’t Limited to Her

Gifting Jewelry has been going on since the beginning of time. It’s nothing new but is still considered vastly special. The stunning pieces also don’t come cheap, so when you go out of your way to gift someone jewelry, it is a way of expressing your love and a way for them to understand how much. And, it doesn’t have to be limited to women. Men enjoy jewelry too!  For instance, diamond engagement rings are enjoyed by both men and women and if that’s not the case, right from diamond-studded watches to cuff links; you have a plethora of options to explore when it comes to him too.

It Holds Sentimental Value

We don’t make a habit of gifting jewelry to anyone and everyone. As established earlier, we gift jewelry only to people who are extraordinarily close to us. Therefore, the act of both receiving and accepting jewelry gifts hold a sentimental value. And what makes it so special, you ask? Firstly, buying jewelry is not as easy as it looks. You will never pick up a random item because the prices are steep. So, before buying a piece, we put a lot of thought behind it. For instance, when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, you will pick up something that displays the essence of your love and not simply the first one you see.

It is Fixable

Now just imagine, it is mother’s day and you buy her a beautiful vase. But unfortunately, after a week, it breaks and the gift that you bought with so much love will fail to make an impact. But, when it comes to jewelry, that’s not the case. And, let’s say you buy a wondrous gold chain, but it breaks a few months or years down the lane, the value of the gift remains the same and the receiver can easily get it fixed. So, even if you are gifting a delicate piece, you can do it without worrying.

You Bond with Jewelry

Let’s continue the above example. So in this instance, the vase doesn’t break. But, it does get placed in one corner of the house and after a while, it gets replaced or gets neglected. Now, that doesn’t happen with a practical piece of jewelry. When you gift your special someone jewelry, they tend to wear it regularly and a bond gets created with time. The ring or the diamond-studded watch they wear slowly becomes their signature look.

A Tiny Piece will also do

When it comes to gifting jewelry, size actually doesn’t matter. Right from delicate gold studs to a tiny diamond ring, it will be valued by the receiver. The only thing you must do is to choose your piece wisely. Always go for something chic and fashionable!

Jewelry has Its Own Language

A piece of jewelry can convey the message, which you probably haven’t been able to get it out of you. For example, diamonds generally mean “forever,” while ruby means “passion” and emerald conveys “love” and “hope.”

It is for All Ages

Jewelry is not just for adults. If you look closely, you will see that even big names like Tiffany cater to baby jewelry. Therefore, right from children to young adults and even for the elderly, a stunning piece of jewelry is a remarkable gift for almost anyone and everyone. Also, the best part is that it will always remind them of you.

It Goes with Every Outfit

Tell me one piece of clothing that won’t gel well with jewelry? Absolutely nothing! The trick here is to opt for something aesthetic and elegant. Right from office wear to traditional dresses, one can pair jewelry with anything and it holds the power to elevate an outfit completely.

You can add a Personal Touch

You can talk to the jewelry designer to personalize the piece. If it is a diamond engagement ring, always opt for something that reflects her personality. Otherwise, you can also engrave names, dates, tiny quotes, basically anything that can enhance the value of the jewelry and make it more personal.