No judgments, but there’s something so therapeutic about mindful shopping. We’re all looking for ways to save that extra bucks. And let’s not shy away from it.

Living in Dubai can feel slightly onerous. The luxurious city is known worldwide for its booming businesses, palm shaped islands, alluring architecture and fanciful lifestyle. Speaking of the latter, it could feel difficult to cope with. Rather if you are already feeling the pinch of living in an elaborate city like Dubai, here are some ways that can make things easier for you.

The scent of new shoes, the happiness of new clothes & the contentment of getting your little one new products; they are all gratifying moments. However, high price tags could act like an obstacle to these eye-candy shopping experiences. 

Here’s a list of some simple shopping hacks that can keep your pocket and leisure intact.

Make a list

Sounds simple right? Making a shopping list and going well prepared makes a big difference. The rule applies for everything from grocery shopping, baby products or personal bath and body products. Heading for shopping without making a list is where most people go wrong. Without knowing what your requirements are you will be absolutely clueless and pick up things randomly which you may not even need. An absence of a shopping list is certain to lead to impulsive buying and unnecessary splurging of money. Whether you are shopping online or at a retail store, it is wise to prepare a checklist before you begin buying.

Choose seasonal discounts

Be a hoarder and don’t leave the chance of availing seasonal discounts, sales and promotions. This is a great way to save money. Speaking of household and grocery shopping, you can avail sales and discounts all year round. Keep an eye on e-commerce platforms like AddtoCart for flash sales and promotional discounts. Also, household items and baby products are something you can always purchase when there’s a good bargain and  stock on. 

In the case of personal items, there’s always that time of the year where brands offer irresistible discounts. Make the most of it. Also, brands like Groupon and Cobone offer the best discounts on toys, furniture, apparel and more.

Research, research & more research

Do not rush into buying anything. Being a compulsive buyer will only lead you to spend more than what you should. Most likely, you will end up picking up things at a higher price. So, research as much as possible. Look for the product at more than one e-commerce platform, visit more stores and research as much as you can. This will only help in getting the product at the best possible price.

Social media shopping

There’s no denying how social media is dominating our lives today. Every brand is on the digital platform distinctively. A great way of knowing the trends and well-versing yourself with shopping tricks is by actively following your favorite brands on social media. Most importantly, be the first to know about sales and discounts. Brands leverage their social media page to make good business. Take this as an opportunity to stay in the fashion game at head-over-heel prices. 

Shop online on a holiday

Did you know that holidays and special occasions call for unbelievable discounts. Shopping from high-end brands may feel dream-like to you. However, the same brands may be available at almost half the price during national holidays. Also, shopping during the winter months is a great idea. That’s the time of the year when Dubai is ready to offer the best shopping experience. Dubai Shopping Festival is now known globally and attracts tourists from all over the world, thanks to the hard-to-imagine prices. Some brands also offer throwaway prices for stock clearance.

Limit your mall visit

The malls in Dubai provide more than just a shopping experience. They are like community centers packed with entertainment and events. Dubai malls are ideally social spaces with plentiful activities to offer. As tempting as it is to get inside a mall, it is almost impossible to avoid the extra spending on shopping. The only way to evade this is by limiting your mall visits. 

COVID-19 triggered an increase in online shopping and sparked a shift towards digital shopping. And looks like the trend continues. The benefit of online shopping is not just subject to convenience. But it will also help you restrict splurging unnecessary.

Enlist to loyalty programs 

Online and offline chains offer loyalty programs that assure exclusive deals. In a big way, this is beneficial for the brand as well, inviting customer loyalty. Undoubtedly, consumers today are spoilt for choice. So, this is an initiative taken by most retailers today with a goal of building a community of loyal customers. It works as an opportunity for shoppers as well. So, sign up for loyalty programs and get access to exclusivity.  

Invest in duty free products                                                                                               

Dubai duty free shopping is a steal. It’s the best way to get rid of sales tax and import duties. You can find some of the best selling items including fashion apparels, baby products, watches, electronics, alcoholic drinks and more. However, this tax-free shopping is only available at the Dubai International Airport. So, factor this and don’t miss indulging in it while traveling. 

Peek into the local markets

Far away from the experience of a high-end mall, but completely worth visiting. Take a look at the local markets of Dubai. They are popularly known for their Arabic culture and eccentric shopping variety. These markets feature more than 100 shops offering products ranging from electronics, furniture, baby toys, stationary, clothes, shoes and more. Basically, everything under one roof. A wide ranging list of high quality products and discounted prices.


Dubai is known as the city of dreams and shopping contributes largely in making it so. The city has it all, you only need to be cautious about what you put your hands into. If you are looking for budget shopping options, our tips must be on your cards. Master the art of saving small, it will take you places.