If you are looking for a truly original swimsuit and don’t know which style to give preference to, choose a tankini swimsuit – you definitely won’t go wrong. This fashion hit conquered all the podiums and became an absolute trend. In today’s fashion, the womens tankini is a modest swimsuit that epitomizes chastity thanks to its closed shape. A tankini swimsuit can be one-piece and complemented by similar details of clothing, like shorts and skirts.

What is tankini?

Tankini is called a two-piece swimsuit with a bodice in the form of a T-shirt or an elongated top with straps or ties. To decorate it, designers use appliqués, unusual prints, embroideries, ruffles, ties, contrasting color inserts, draperies, etc. As for the lower part, there are no strict frames here, so each fashionista can easily choose the option to her liking.

Women are happy to choose a comfortable and practical tankini for a beach holiday, active water sports, and visits to water parks. The upper part of the swimsuit in the form of a T-shirt fits snugly to the body, so its owner does not have to worry that the bodice will slip or fall off at the most inopportune moment. And if you add a tankini with a beach skirt or shorts, you get a ready-made outfit in which you are not ashamed to go to a coastal cafe or take a walk along the promenade.

Who is the tankini swimsuit for?

Tankini is a universal model that suits absolutely everyone. A well-chosen beautiful monokini swimsuit for the beach or pool will give confidence in attractiveness and emphasize the grace of forms and slimness of the figure. Even if there are flaws, a high-quality tankini swimsuit will reliably hide them from prying eyes, visually adjusting the silhouette.

  • A tankini swimsuit for overweight women is the perfect suit for the beach season. They are made with various ornaments and can be monophonic. It is important to remember that plus-size tankini swimsuits should be tried on to see how they will sit on a particular figure.
  • Absolutely any variations are suitable for thin people. If the girl is athletic, her figure will be emphasized by tankini bikini swimsuits. In the presence of excessive thinness, it is better to pay attention to push-up models, and the waist should be emphasized with a two-color model.
  • For pregnant women, it is desirable to select the ideal non-tightening model. Such options are made in the form of a T-shirt expanding to the bottom and panties supporting the lower abdomen. They do not harm the fetus and do not cause discomfort.
  • Sports swimsuits are made based on the requirements for resistance to wear. T-shirts fit snugly, without underwire, which eliminates discomfort during intensive training. Shorts are offered as the bottom.

Types of tankini swimsuits

In a set of tops and panties, the top is not connected to the bottom, although some items look like piecework. The top is usually elongated and is a T-shirt to the waist or a dress that covers the buttocks. The bodice can be with straps or thick straps, with cups with underwires and push-ups, like a bandeau, or decorated with ruffles. You can buy tankinis of the following types in the Lascana online store:

  • With hard cups. The tankini bodice is usually with foam cups, an underwire, a gel-based cup, and also a bandeau cup. Thus, you can buy a tankini suitable for your type of figure.
  • Top without cups. Comfortable women’s tankini swimsuit. An excellent choice for everyone because of its cut.
  • With regular straps. Comfortable tankini swimsuits fit perfectly and keep their shape.
  • With criss-cross straps. A tankini swimsuit of this type combines a skirt or shorts, as well as riding in the form of a regular top.
  • With swim shorts. Essential for almost everyone. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it visually makes the hips voluminous.
  • With classic tankini briefs. All lovers of the classics can buy a tankini swimsuit of this type.

Benefits of a tankini swimsuit

The big advantage of a tankini is that this swimsuit is at its peak of popularity. Therefore, by choosing such a model, you will not only be able to correct your figure but also be in trend.

  • The tankini is a kind of combination of one-piece and separate swimsuits. For this reason, it has the advantages of two models.
  • The swimsuit looks quite original, even if it is made of rather simple material. We are not used to seeing tankinis on our beaches, so you will definitely be different from the rest of the crowd in it.
  • The tankini is quite comfortable. For example, when you play volleyball on the beach. Tankini, compared with an ordinary bikini, should not be corrected all the time. They are quite strongly preferred by athletes since it is rather difficult to choose a sports swimsuit that does not restrict movement or dangle the body.
  • The tankini can mask the cons. This option can lift the chest, hide extra pounds, and make the figure even more elegant.

The best and most important advantages of wearing this type of swimsuit are very simple. It will look elegant on any type of figure. Regardless of the shape or type of figure, you will look great in a tankini. It is not surprising that it is proving to be very popular all over the world.

Where to buy a tankini swimsuit?

Order tankinis for women online from the Lascana online store. We offer you to choose models from fashion collections that captivate not only with the beauty of their appearance but also with the excellent quality of materials and tailoring. These are beautiful swimwear designed for confident women who want to be noticed. We sell beachwear inexpensively, making things affordable for everyone. Women’s tankini swimwear in the catalog of the Lascana online store is the best combination of quality, comfort, and original style:

  • Pleasant to the body, high-quality elastic materials do not interfere with air circulation and do not provoke overheating of the body.
  • Dry quickly and do not lose their shape and color under the influence of water and the sun.
  • The tight-fitting silhouette, comfortable neckline, and swimming trunks will provide you with comfort for the duration of your stay in a swimsuit.