A lot of parents these days are gradually dressing their children in the same outfits as they do. In such a way that a funny situation occurs when seeing both generations using the same sets and accessories from top to bottom. In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about this style of fashion, which consists of dressing children just like parents.

Wearing identical clothing for children and parents is a trend that goes by the name Mini-me,  and is the latest in fashion and style. It is even causing a little commotion in the fashion industry with a lot of designers tweaking their collections and designs according to this trend, which is increasingly present in the market.

In fact, children really enjoy this experience. No wonder a lot of clothing companies now tailor their designs towards creating matching outfits for parents and children. And families, of course, love this new trend.

This in no way supports having a wardrobe full of matching outfits and accessories.  It only implies that, coincidentally, they can have matching outfits i.e dressed in the same way when they consider it appropriate.

Strengthens the Bond: Dressing Children as well as Parents

Dressing children, as well as parents, is a nice way to bond together and, also, it is also a very fun time for both parents and children. Although it may seem like a minor action, the act of sharing clothing allows them to feel special, strengthen their confidence, family love, and the togetherness.

In any case, this new fashion should not accelerate the growth process of children. Therefore, the designs must remain age-appropriate, comfortable, and childish, and if possible also have a matching cloth sown for one of their reborn baby dolls.

A Picture Difficult to Forget When Dressing Children as well as Parents

If children desire to have matching outfits with their parents, there is nothing wrong with having the same type of cloth for various family members to wear. Choosing the same type of cloth or the same range of colors in the look of parents and children is a beautiful print, one that both the child and parents won’t forget.

So if you are interested in carrying out this experiment successfully, it is crucial to limit some of your outlandish desires so that you don’t get carried away. You shouldn’t start wearing them matching outfits every time just because you want to try something out.

Rather than doing that you can select a piece that matches, but tweak the outfit in such a way that it complements your individuality. It is enough to introduce some elements, a detail, color, or an accessory when it comes to combining; It is not necessary to invest in clothing just to get to match and that the intention is so evident.


1. They are fantastic:

The first and the basis of all this is that taking them both with the same set makes us drool. And if they are already a boy and a girl and wear the same shirt and the same bib but in shorts for him and in a skirt for her, it is impossible to resist this trend.

2. Comfort:

In the same vein, you can take advantage of many sets that serve boys and girls interchangeably and for different ages. In addition, it is easy to get 2×1 discounts, especially in sales.

3. Belonging:

Dressing like their siblings or parents can help children feel like they are part of a group. The reason why we ourselves may like to wear the uniform of a soccer team, for example, is none other than the feeling of belonging. And to which group is it more important to belong than to that of the family?

4. No Envy:

There is no place to complain because “Courage has more cooler clothes” or “my clothes are older because they are inherited.” They wear exactly the same, so it is more difficult for jealousy to arise between them because you will be reinforcing that they feel just as important to their parents.


  1. Every child is different: one of the aspects in which we demonstrate our personality, even as children, is through fashion. When dressing children the same, we are not taking into account the particularity of each one. It is very interesting to see what kind of colors they like, how they combine them. You may even discover other aspects of their personality, such as creativity, through their clothing choices.


  1. Older children do not tend to have the same opinion as younger ones: as a general rule, the younger brother is happy to dress just like the older one. He admires his brother and looking like him will make him feel admired too. However, the elder probably does not think the same. Any older sister in the room who identifies with this?


  1. Think about what your child usually does during the day: the most important thing, of course, is to keep in mind that each child does different things in his day today. We are not only referring to his extracurricular activities, but also to his way of playing and behaving. You may love that your girls go on Sunday in a honeycomb dress, but if you know that the oldest is going to spend the afternoon lying on the ground of the park, playing with dirt or stepping in puddles, maybe you should opt for the tracksuit in your case. She will be more comfortable and so will you.


Tips for Dressing Children the Same as Parents

1. Shoes

You can assess the option of dressing father and son in the same type of shoes. Of course, finding similar shoes is very simple and allows you to match together without the need for them to be too obvious.

2. Colors

Matching colors is another way you can dress children as well as parents, in fact, it is considered the best way. This can be by putting on pants or a T-shirt of the same shade, which is ideal and easy to get in any clothing store around you.

3. T-shirt

Also, T-shirts that have drawings, logos, or wordings can serve to make the child feel just like his parents. In most cases, you will need to make a small investment. Although we are convinced that it will be worth it!

4. Complete outfit

One thing you have to understand is that having the same look with your kids is not an easy one. But if you’re hell-bent on doing this and want this to be possible, you will need to scratch your pocket sometime. One affordable route is the plain shirts and jeans look-alike combo.

Before finishing, it should be noted that children must forge their own uniqueness and allowed them to retain their innocence. For this reason, you should not abuse this fashion to prevent it from having a bad influence on the little one. It is just a game and nothing more. You must not make it a basis for children to become interested in style at such a young age.