A crop top is a piece of clothing: a short top that reveals the navel of the person wearing it. It can be a sweater, t-shirt, blouse, etc. but in any case, shorter than average. Crop tops are most often worn by women, but men also wear them.

The crop top has been a fashionable garment for decades. This garment has existed in the United States since the 1890s, as an outfit for dancers but it has only been called that since the 1950s. It was especially democratized there in the 1990s, due to its use in pop culture.

Straight out of the 90s, the crop top is a cropped t-shirt cut above the navel. Fashion is back, it’s the must-have of the summer. But can we really afford it when we are round? 

Crop top or not crop top? To tell the truth, it all depends on where our curves are placed. Because this type of t-shirt can quickly look vulgar.

Let’s face it, it’s not the easiest fashion piece to wear, because not all of us have rock-solid abs. But if we don’t show our navel, it can be super chic, whatever our morphology.

Crop top definition:

According to the definition that we found in various dictionaries, a crop top is simply a short t-shirt, often with the lower part cut off, which reveals part of your body, in particular the abdomen. So, as you can imagine, we often buy a crop top to deal with rising heat or to afford an attractive look with a very specific objective. Finally, you can wear a Crop Top simply to feel beautiful.

How to wear crop tops to be stylish?

Go short and sweet with our selection of crop tops. From stylish to casual tees, discover crop tops to love here. Does Day plan? A crop top is always a winner. Keep it effortless with a black crop top, mom jeans, and sneakers. 

If not, do you have a party? Go for a fancy finish with a lace crop top, midi skirt, and stilettos. With puff sleeves, chic crochet details, and shimmering satin finishes, take your pick from long sleeve tops and strappy styles and get ready to shorten your hemline this season. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, discover the perfect crop tops for every occasion.

1. If you have a belly:

Obviously, if you have overflowing love handles and rolls that are agitated in all directions, it is not recommended. We are not going to lie to each other, that would not put us in value at all and we would expose ourselves to ridicule.

On the other hand, nothing obliges us to reveal our belly. So, you can wear a crop top with high-waisted pants or shorts, it will be very cute. Same with a high skirt.

In short, if you have a belly, you can afford the crop top provided you wear it with high-waisted bottoms that won’t bring out your unsightly bulges.

It’s all about length. In our case, we are not betting on an ultra-short crop top xs at the limit of the bra. We prefer a model just above the navel and loose enough to be comfortable.

2. If we are round from the bottom:

If you are round at the bottom, you can absolutely dare the backless tank tops! This will put our chest and our pretty shoulders in value. You can afford both the tight crop top and the light oversized cut in which you will have the impression of floating pleasantly.

Ultra-elegant too: wear a blazer over it. The jacket hides the belly but reveals some places at times. Super sexy!

The 3 tips from Solado to be stylish with a trendy women’s top:

Your Solado women’s clothing site is more than an online store. So, if you like our style, follow our advice:

1. Evening crop top, this is my first piece of advice:

Whether you are tall or short, if you want to be stylish with a trendy top, we recommend the White satin open-back crop top with a metal chain. With a low neckline in front and behind, this super trendy women’s top is completely in tune with 2022 fashion and will bring you modernity and confidence. 

Have confidence in yourself and go find your size. In any case, with the Solado women’s clothing site, it’s more than certain days of satisfaction or refund after receipt of your item. Or you keep it to be the shopping princess of your entourage by wearing it to go to the party. And for work, what can we wear?

2. Top for casual women – the collar top with balloon sleeves:

With the neck top with long sleeves, in stone gray, you will be classy and chic. Therefore, try it and you will see the effect for yourself.

3. Short women’s top:

Are you looking for a sexy and out-of-the-ordinary top? a fashion style and an original cut? In this case, you must surely please yourself by wearing Solado’s outfits. In khaki, passers-by will have no choice but to appreciate your look in a trendy women’s top for a long time.

Best collection of cropped tops on Solado:

Opt for an above-average fit this season with our ultra-stylish crop tops! Whatever the occasion, we have a crop top for you with metallic knits or luxe lace halter tops. Black crop top, white crop top, lace crop top… There really is everything on solado.com. 

You can also pair casual pieces with our turtlenecks. You can also combine it with two piece pants setKeep shimmering with our sequin-embellished strappy crop tops. Wear them with denim shorts, slim-fitting midis, and your favorite jeans, then team them with sneakers, trendy heels, or boots to adopt the coolest trend of the season.