Not every shape of glasses is for everyone. You should buy glasses according to your face shape. An imperfect glasses shape will make you look ugly as the shape of the glasses frame affects the looks of your face. Some people need a circular-shaped frame, and some people want oval glasses. Some people prefer edged glasses, and some prefer contact lenses. At the same time, it all depends upon your personal choices and needs.

Determining your face shape before buying a perfect pair of glasses for you is a basic thing. Let’s get to know determining your face is important. 

Why determine your face shape before buying a pair of glasses?

Determining your face shape assists you in choosing the shape of your spectacles or sunglasses to add beauty to your best facial features. It can assist you in making the right choice of frame for your spectacles. Everyone uses their spectacles for at least two years. Choose the right frame according to your face shape, so you don’t for the next 2 years. It helps you save your bucks, energy, and potential regret.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, you can then explore the wide selection of frames available on the market that complement your facial features. Some popular brands that offer a wide selection of frames for different face shapes include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, and Silhouette. In Particular, Silhouette frames are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. So, check Silhouette glasses frames here and find the perfect frame for your face shape.

Criteria for choosing spectacles for you:

Oval Glasses are usually suitable for an oval face. The oval face is considered the universal face shape. But it doesn’t mean that any type of glasses frame will suit you.

There are also many factors that you need to consider while choosing spectacles. 

These factors include:

  • Eye colour
  • Hair Color
  • Skin tone
  • Frame size

Eye colour:

The eye colour affects the style of spectacles you wear. Acetate frames are thick frames that provide a theme colour list for different colours. You can choose your frame type according to your eye colour.

Hair colour:

The hair colour also affects the style of spectacles you wear. The darker hair colour provides a broader scope for choosing spectacles because of its contrasting features. The light hair colour needs crystal-coloured frames. Choose wisely.

Skin tone:

The skin tones range from dark to fair. They also affect the glasses you wear. Dark complexions need to choose light colours, and fair colours should choose dark frames. It will complement your features accordingly. 

While choosing your sunglasses, you also need to choose the perfect shape for your face. If you need a perfect frame for you, we can help you find the one for you. No worries — with our help, you’ll be able to find what type of frame is best for your face shape. There is always a specific type of frame shape every face needs. So no matter in which shape your face is, here’s a guide that will help you a lot while choosing your frame.

On what face shapes do Oval glasses suit?

The oval-shaped glasses structurally lie between round and rectangle-shaped glasses. When combined with the rectangular-shaped glasses, the harmonic lines on the round frames make the dimensions of oval glasses.

The oval frames balance your sharp facial characteristics and the frame’s dimensions. This is an attractive shape, especially for extended features. However, oval spectacles suit every face shape. It is because of the round aspect of oval glasses. The oval glasses also complement the square and triangular face shapes gracefully.

The oval frames contour your features, so they assist in balancing out solid facial features, for instance, cheekbones. The oval face shape is perfect for the face because of its unique dimensions. They also have a narrow hairline and cheekbones with a small chin. People with oval faces should choose frames with a width slightly wider than the broader area of your face.

These oval glasses suit best these face shapes:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped  

If you have a square face with angular features, you should wear square-shaped glasses. When it comes to proportion, this type of face looks wider along the jawline and forehead. The stronger jawline usually defines this shape. You need to choose the spectacles that fit high on your nose and also cover a wide area of your face. 

A rectangular frame suits the round faces. You have to choose the frame that makes your face appear thinner and more prolonged in shape. 

Angular and geometric frames also fit best for round faces. They add a sharper look and more distinct lines to your round face to create a balance between your features.

The Heart-shaped faces are also perfect for oval glasses. The heart-shaped faces have a V-shaped profile with an appealing facial structure. The oval-shaped frames provide a wider look to the diamond-shaped faces.   

Upswept frames are best for people who have cat eyes. You need to wear upset frames if you have curvy cheeks with sharp facial bones. It will draw attention to your facial bones. 

How do oval glasses help make your look cool?

If edgy frames are not your favourite glasses, then shop for the type of glasses that suits your face. There are softer oval glasses that are in trend nowadays. These oval glasses look stylish and trendy at the same time. These glasses fit best on the oval-shaped face. So people with this kind of oval-shaped face should wear these oval glasses. These glasses also fit on bulky faces. These oval glasses will make your face look less bulky.

Oval glasses also sit best on people who have diamond-shaped faces:

These oval glasses are available in online stores in different styles and materials they are made up of. Oval glasses lie between the circular glasses and the rectangle glasses. They usually are set in a narrow sleek slender style to look cool. That’s why they give a less bulky shape to your face. The soft lining of the frames of oval glasses is the best contrast with more angular facial features. 

You can find many different styles of these sleek oval glasses in many materials. Acetate is a premium type of material. This makes you look cool and decent. They are also available in metal, plastic, and wired frames. You can choose the colour according to your taste and complexion. 

Here is the guide on how you should choose glasses frames. Choose the type of frame that suits best on your face.