Statement necklaces can spruce up any outfit be it your date night dress or work outfit. But many a times people who love to flow with the trend find themselves short of accessories as they are fond of new ensembles each time they dress up. And there are some who like to style but don’t feel it worth to spend much on fake jewelry. You may be any of them, we have great DIY necklaces tutorials for you that are fun and chic! Needless to say, they will cost you much less and even you have the option to customize them as you desire. Looking at these gorgeous DIY necklaces you may think, how difficult is it to make them, but don’t quit because many of them will surprise you as they are so damn easy. Even you can create such beautiful and unique pieces by thinking a little out of the box. So, pick your style of necklace, DIY and wear your ensembles this season by dressing them up with these unique and bold DIY necklaces.

1. DIY Pyramid Necklace

pyramid necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Creme de la Craft

2. DIY Anthro Beaded Necklace

anthro beaded necklace

Get Tutorial here – Brit + Co

3. DIY Braided Necklace

braided necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Art Actually

4. DIY Vintage Button Necklace

Vintage Button Necklace Lifestyle

Get Tutorial here – Darby Smart

5. DIY Bright Chain Necklace

bright chain jewelry

6. DIY Fringe Necklace

Fringe statement necklaces

Get Tutorial here – Brit + Co

7. DIY Double Chain Necklace

chain necklace

Get Tutorial here –  I Spy DIY

8. DIY Chunky Chain Necklace

chunky necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Creme de la Craft

9. DIY Denim Flower Necklace

denim flower necklace
Get Tutorial here – Tea Rose Home

10. DIY Floral Necklace

floral necklace

Get Tutorial here – Green Wedding Shoes

11. DIY Gem Chain Necklace

gem chain necklace

12. DIY Gem Necklace

gem necklace

13. DIY Geometric Chain Necklace

geometric triangle necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Sincerely Kinsey

14. DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace

gretchen jones

Get Tutorial here – Honestly WTF

15. DIY Black Jewel Necklace

jeweled holiday necklace

Get Tutorial here – A Pair and a Spare


16. DIY Mirror Fringe Necklace

Mirror Fringe

Get Tutorial here – Brit + Co

17. DIY Nautical Rope Necklace

nautical rope diy necklace

Get tutorial here –  Creme de la Craft

18. DIY Neon Crochet Necklace

neon bib diy necklace

Get Tutorial here –  In Honor of Design

19. DIY Paint Chip Ombre Neclace

Paint chip ombre diy necklace

Get Tutorial here – By Wilma

20. DIY Pistacchio Necklace

Pistacchio shell diynecklace

Get Tutorial here –  Creme de la Craft

21. DIY Pompom Necklace

pompom diy necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Honestly WTF

22. DIY Popsickle Stick Necklace

popsicle stick diy necklace

Get Tutorial here –  Sincerely Kinsey

23. DIY Ribbon Necklace

ribbon diy necklace

24. DIY Ribbon Wrapped Chain Necklace

ribbon wrapped chain diy necklace


25. DIY Rope Necklace

Rope diy necklace

Get Tutorial here – Honestly WTF

26. DIY Silk Bauble Necklace

silk bauble diy necklace

27. DIY Tassel Necklace

summer tassel diy necklace

Get Tutorial here – A Pair and a Spare