You might think that Instagram influencers never have a bad hair day or never wear the same skirt twice. They might have a few thousand followers, but it doesn’t mean that they can afford personal stylists and the most expensive brands.

They are just like us, maybe with one exception – they have a great sense of style and can look iconic even in clothes from a thrift shop.

If you can’t afford to buy brands every season, it is not a big deal. All you need to do is to develop an authentic sense of style and learn how to find the best deals on clothing.

Are you ready to start your journey to the world of fashion? Here is how you can be stylish without breaking the bank:


In order to develop your sense of style, consider the following beauty influencers and watching more fashion shows. You will be able to train your eyes, see what is popular these days, and choose the style you like the most.

In the very beginning, it is all about imitation. See how others mix their clothes and try to copy their style. After a few tries, you will find your favorite outfits. Who knows, maybe one day, you will be the one giving fashion advice to others. Just wait for it!

Find the Best Deals on Clothing

As you can understand, the price of your clothes does not matter as long as you know how to pick the right pieces. That’s why you don’t have to pay a double price for a pair of pens from a boutique if you can get the same pair in the outlet mall or discount store.

When going to the mall, make sure to have a list of things you’d like to buy. That’s how you can avoid unplanned expenses.

To buy clothes at a good price, consider using Coupon Codes Me, and looking for promotions online.

Another great way to save money is to shop at a thrift store. It will allow you to find unique pieces of clothes and save a lot of money. Let’s be honest, you will not regret destroying a dress that cost you one dollar only.

Buying clothes from the thrift store will allow you to experiment and find your personal style.

Know What to Buy

When shopping in a mall, try to avoid buying clothes that don’t fit you 100%. You might think that one day you will lose or gain some weight. However, you don’t know what will fit you once your body changes.

You should be really excited about the thing you are buying. If you want to get it only because it is on sale, better put it back on the shelf and go home with empty begs.

Other than that, it is important to know how you will match your new clothes with the ones you already have in your wardrobe. It’s better not to buy extravagant things for special occasions. You don’t need to keep clothes that you can wear only once per year. Save some space for things you will enjoy wearing every day!

Make Every Detail Perfect

A girl can wear simple blue jeans and a white T-shirt and look just stunning. How is it even possible? You can achieve the same effect if you take care of details such as hair, nails, accessories, and perfume.

You should remember that details make perfection. Other people might not notice that you got your nails done, but they definitely see a perfectly complete look.

Once again, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on your clothes. What really matters is their condition. Never go out wearing dirty clothing with holes.

Exchange Clothes

Another way of saving money on clothes is to host a clothing swap party at home. Most probably, you have some quality pieces in the wardrobe that you don’t like anymore. Guess what! A lot of girls have the same problem – some things are too pretty to go to the trash can.

That’s why clothes exchange can be a great idea! You can give your friends some clothes that you don’t wear anymore and take some from them as well.

In case you have a special event, consider borrowing dresses from your friends instead of running to the shopping mall right away. You will have a chance to save some money while looking great at a party!

The bottom Line

Your budget can’t define the way you look. There are a lot of ways to stay stylish on a budget. Remember, the price of your clothes doesn’t mean anything. To look like a beauty blogger or a Hollywood star, you need to develop a sense of style and learn what clothes fit you best.

You will find a lot of great deals in thrift stores and outlet malls. Also, consider exchanging clothes with your friends. Being a fashion icon is a skill, not a talent.