The spring is nearing and many people are preparing to upgrade their homes and get rid of the unnecessary things. Many of us love spring cleaning and that is when we can completely transform our homes into something more beautiful, inspiring, and clean. So, if you are, too, looking forward to this season, then you should know how to successfully update your home and transform it quickly. 

Get a New Rug

Rugs are something we usually don’t pay attention to that often. However, old and shabby rugs can make a home look unwelcoming or even dirty. So, if you take a look at all the rugs you have and can find more than one thing that bothers you about them, throw them out and get new ones. Rug is something that can really change a room and tie everything together into an amazing overall look, so look for rugs that will bring out the best in your home. You can consider a new rug in the hallway, for example, and create a stunning entrance into your home. Also, an area rug in your living room, can spruce it up and make it look elegant and clean. 

Find a Statement Piece

If you love keeping your home simple and minimalistic, that’s perfect, but you know that you need a statement piece in such homes to make them look simply stunning. A statement piece can be a conversation starter, it can be a piece that will tie the whole look of a room, or it can be simply a thing you love. If you like statues, why not add a smaller brass one in your dining room? If you think your walls look too bare, you can add a huge painting to change that. Another great way is expressing your love for animals and abstract art and you can easily do that by hanging a gorgeous animal skull. If you are looking for carved animal skulls that will bring a more edgy side of you out, you can discover more here and really breathe some personality into your home. 

Add More Indoor Plants

Spring is when flowers and plants come back to life and mark the beginning of a new year. You can easily transfer that meaning into your home by adding more indoor plants. Chances are big that some of your house plants didn’t make it through winter because of the cold, but this is now a chance to replace them and breathe life into each room of your home. However, before buying any plants, check the lighting in your house and if the plants you’d like to add can survive in there. Always pick plants that will simply enjoy the place in your house that you want to dedicate to them and they are in for a long happy life with you. 

Another great way to easily update your home this spring is by decorating with flowers. Spring is when our favorite flowers are blooming and take that advantage by adding a few bouquets of tulips and daffodils, or even with eucalyptus and hyacinths. You can easily find them at local stores or even in your own garden, so why not use them as a refreshing decor. 

Use Lighter Fabrics

Blankets and throws were amazing decor pieces for the winter, but when the spring arrives those should be put away. Rely on lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen for the hotter days, and they will instantly refresh your room. You can even pick ones in lighter colors, too, and you will instantly make your home seem warmer.

Introduce Bright Colors

Spring is all about renewal and rebirth and you should introduce such feeling into your interior decor. This means that it is time to put away any accessories in dark colors and replace them with bright and vibrant ones. Introduce some pastel color pillows and throws, put up  a few mirrors opposite the windows for more light, and you can even repaint a few walls if you feel they are too dark for the spring or you want a fresh start to the year. 

Change the Furniture

In order to bring a more spring feel to your home, you can even change a few furniture pieces. Swap out your upholstered or dark-colored bench and chairs for spring-colored seagrass or wicker chairs. You can even introduce garden-inspired furniture to your balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms in order to create a more airy atmosphere and provide even more space in your home. You can even go a step further and introduce some vintage watering cans in a few corners and truly bring out the spring spirit. 

Swap Out Candles

If you love scented candles, and you still have a few gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles, it is time to swap them out for something more refreshing. Spring is all about scents, and floral and citrus candles will definitely do the trick and liven up the space. And if you don’t like scented candles, you can always go for unscented ones in pastel colors. 

Lighter Curtains

Window treatment really makes a difference in home decor. Just like it is perfectly logical to have dark-colored and heavy curtains during the winter to accumulate heat, in spring it is much better to rely on lighter fabrics. Go for colorful and floral prints, or choose lighter shades or even see-through curtains to liven up the space and provide more natural light and spring air into your home. 

Add Baskets

This is the season for cleaning and the perfect way to keep the mess away is by providing a bit more storage. You can simply add decorative baskets into every room in the house and store knick-knacks in there in order to keep them off the tables and counters. This way you will majorly reduce clutter and transform your home within minutes. Rely on woven baskets or some brightly colored ones made of fabrics and let the spring inside. 

Spring is almost here and we are all looking forward to warmer days. However, your home is also anticipating this time of the year, because this is a great chance to transform it, clean it and upgrade so many elements in it.