The fashion industry keeps evolving, and one of its categories has undergone a huge transformation over the years. This category is shapewear, and this is a garment that will smooth the lumps and bumps and will also enhance the natural curves of the body, which makes it a must-have piece

Shapewear has also become a very diverse and versatile fashion accessory, offering a wide range of options, that suit different needs, preferences, and most importantly body types. With innovative designs, inclusive sizing, and advanced materials, modern best shapewear for tummy won’t be uncomfortable and considered a restrictive garment. 

We want to go beyond what you could consider basic and explore how diverse is the fashion and shapewear world. 

Fashion shapewear - diverse body-contouring garments for enhanced silhouette under attire.

Shapewear and it’s evolution

We can trace the concept of shapewear back centuries, as women in the past used girdles, corsets, and other structured undergarments to achieve a desired silhouette. But what we can consider the modern shapewear industry started around the late 19th and also early 20th centuries. During this time elasticized materials were introduced, so the designs started to be more flexible. 

Those early garments had a focus on creating an hourglass figure primarily, but it would be at the expense of the wearer’s movement and comfort. In recent decades, and thanks to the advancement in technology, especially textiles, and society’s growing emphasis on inclusivity and body positivity the shapewear market has been reshaped. 

Now, manufacturers and designers have shifted their focus and are creating garments that enhance natural curves, like Shapellx butt lifting shapewear, while they are also prioritizing functionality and comfort. We have to thank the celebrities and social media influencers endorsing shapewear openly, which has helped to destigmatize its use, leading to increased acceptance and adoption between users of all body types and ages. 

Fashion shapewear - diverse body-contouring garments for enhanced silhouette under attire.

Diverse designs 

One of the developments in the fashion shapewear world has been the diversification of the designs to cater to a wider range of preferences and needs. Traditional shapewear targeted primarily the hips, thighs, and midsection, while now we get different styles that are made to address specific areas of concern. 

For those who are looking for extreme tummy control shapewear for dresses, there’s definitively going to be an option. For example, high-waisted shorts or briefs will provide targeted compression for the waist and the abdomen, which creates a streamlined and smoother look. Bodysuits and thigh shapers will provide support and shape to the lower part of the body, which prevents thigh rub and chafing. There are even camisoles and bras that have built-in panels that will support and lift the bust while sculpting the torso at the same time. 

Something else that has contributed to the comfort and wearability of modern shapewear is the use of breathable fabrics as well as seamless construction. No more indentations or visible lines, and garments that will integrate effortlessly into the wardrobe. 

Inclusivity and representation 

There’s been another significant change in the shapewear industry, and it’s the fact that they are moving towards more representation and inclusivity, especially in the sizing. Many brands have expanded their size ranges, recognizing that bodies come in all sizes and shapes, and are now accommodating a more diverse customer base. 

As they are committing to inclusivity, these give their customers a sense of empowerment and belonging, which also reflects that there’s a growing demand for body positivity in the industry.  Besides, we can’t overstate the importance of having a diverse representation in advertising and marketing. When brands feature models of various ages, ethnicities, and sizes, they are challenging the conventional beauty standards and celebrate how unique we all are.