Feeling the first signs of summertime may prompt you to trade your cold-weather footwear to a comfy pair of slides or strappy sandals, but don’t abandon your favourite pair of boots just yet. Although you usually don them throughout the winter season, wearing a sleek pair of boots is a spontaneously preppy way to spruce up your light summer looks.

If you are not sure how to wear your beloved pair of boots all year round, here are a few tips to rock these kicks throughout the seasons:

Tall Boots

Tall boots without heels are designed to keep you comfortable during winter and trendy during autumn. You can slip them on over trousers or tights, and pair it with a floral dress. Tall boots cannot be worn when it’s snowing heavily, but they are great for when the weather is pleasant during winter.

If you are thinking about purchasing new pairs of boots, shop during the summertime as this is the time when cold weather footwear will likely be on sale. You can stock up during this time to be prepared for winter.

High-Heeled Tall Boots

You can wear these babies during any season since evenings can get cold that the shoes will still look appropriate. Take note that black boots give off a more business casual vibe than brown boots. If you enjoy putting together stylish outfits and like boots that can be used for formal events, then don’t be afraid to invest in black ones. When you typically dress comfortably and are not into dressing up too much, you can rock the comfortable brown boots instead.

Over The Knee Boots

The best time to wear miniskirts with high boots is when they are high enough that they reach your thighs. It will make you look like you walked straight out of Milan Fashion Week. This look can be worn with or without stockings. They are a pleasing aesthetic for boots as it attracts a lot of energy to the outfit.

Black boots are elegant and sultry, and because they cover the entire leg, it is the perfect colour to make them look long and lean. This style carries you through winter, spring, summer, and fall, from opaque tights with a fleece short skirt in winter to a cotton mini skirt during the warmer months.

Ankle Boots

Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend anymore; ankle boots are. A pair will look great with cuffed jeans; you can match them with a mini or maxi skirt, as well as accentuate denim outfits. It is a fabulous choice, especially if it has a bit of a pointed toe rather than a round one because they are more stylish and flattering.

You can get a little bolder with your autumn get-up and be bare-legged with a pair of your favourite ankle boots in a shape-fitting dress. Many people consider high-rise boots tough to shop for because of their calf size, but ankle boots are fantastic for the daily outfit that you can use all year round for any leg shape.

Slouchy Boots

Once more, these are great for those who are mindful of their calf sizes. They look great with sheer tights, and they accentuate mini leather skirts. Slouchy boots carry a more sophisticated style when made in plain white and paired with accessories that have a streamlined, polished feel; incorporate vintage-inspired items to finish the look. Sleek or timeless, these shoes are perfect throughout the year.