Every girl’s dream is to have a wardrobe flooded with all different types of clothes in every possible shade including formal wear. But even if we have it all and it comes to select one, there we go, totally confused. Especially, when it is about the workplace because sometimes the style becomes too monotonous and it is very difficult to select one out of your formal wear. But you have to uphold your impress during meeting, formal parties etc.

Not to worry, we are here to save your time. Here are the 8 types of essential wears that will level up your style game and will add confidence to your charismatic persona at your workplace.

A White Shirt

A white shirt is always a savior.  It goes with every color and you can pair it up with anything you want, like, pants or skirts. You just need to tuck in properly and you are sorted.

Formal Wear for Working Woman


A Peg Trouser

Peg trousers are the trendy ones and most comfy as a daily wear. Make sure you wear it in a correct way and it gives you a stylish look.

A Peg Trouser


A Pencil skirt

A Pencil skirt for a formal meeting is just perfect. It should be neither too short nor too long, must be of perfect length.

A pencil skirt


LBD – Little Black Dress

LBD is a must have. It’s your savior for all the occasions whether it’s a party night or casual meets after office hours.

LBD - A Little Black Dress


A figure flattering blazer

It gives you a Bossy look and most importantly saves you from the excess cooling temperature at your workplace.

A blazer


An Elegant dress

This is something you must have for the business parties where you don’t want to over-do but look elegant at the same time.

An Elegant Dress Formal wear


Trousers with straps for women

Trousers with straps is a cool one for your Monday morning. A bit of Funky touch on formal wear.

A trousers with straps for woman Formal wear

A Sari for a formal wear

Cotton saris are mostly preferred as they are comfortable and won’t make you feel hot. Undoubtedly, you must know how to carry it well.

Sari Formal wear


So, which style of formal wear will you like to try more often? Also, let us know for more additions as per you in the comment section below.