It goes without saying that the way you present yourself has a significant impact on the first impressions you are able to make.

Overall, style is obviously a major factor in how you present yourself, which can be represented by the accessories you choose to wear and keep close by. When it comes to these accessories, a luxury watch makes a statement like no other item.

As a gift, these types of watches are also associated with major milestones or occasions. A 50th Birthday, for example, or as a retirement present from work. But why wait until these occasions in order to treat yourself?

Here’s why you should consider luxury watches as a gift, even if it’s for yourself. 

A Great Selection of Watches with Classic Styles

Watches are worthy investments, but they are only worthy if you know which brands and models to choose. With such a large selection to choose from, it can be easy to lose your way and feel forced into a decision. 

Our biggest piece of advice is to conduct thorough research and stick to a brand you have heard of. There is a reason that the likes of Rolex and Hublot lead the way in this industry–they have made the best products for a long time. 

Types of Watches you and your Partner can Wear

When it comes to gift-giving, any luxury watch that holds its value well is worth it. Like men, women also need all types of watches for different activities and social occasions. That being said, consider some of the following before making a purchase:

Casual Watches

Casual watches are the go-to choice for everyday use. Unlike dress watches, you can choose these both for you and your partner as a practical gift. They have the best versatility as these watches can work for any occasion such as sports activities, shopping, or a simple timepiece to wear while on holiday. 

A Watch to Wear for Work

A watch to wear for work will have the comfort and simplicity of an everyday watch, but it should also exude professionalism. 

Watches of this type often feature a style that doesn’t stand out too much in terms of size or materials. But some of the best work watches made today can also be seen as worthy long-term investments as they’re used every day within professional work environments. 

Luxury watches for special occasions

Luxury watches are the ultimate must-have fashion accessory. Certified Hublot watches or certified Rolex watches can be seen as timeless pieces that are always valuable. If you shop right, these won’t depreciate too much. 

Some of these 28mm to 40mm timepieces might even gain value in time. Hence, isn’t only an excellent gift, but it’ll also help form the perfect first impressions at your next social gathering whenever that may be. 

Super Watch

Walking steps, running distance, heart rate, sleep patterns, and swimming laps are all detected by a wrist-worn gadget. Superwatches communicate with a mobile device’s app through Bluetooth, which configures the gadget and uploads the wearer’s activity data. Most smartwatches have a health app that allows you to track a variety of physical activities; however, dedicated trackers tend to monitor more functions.

That’s Time

No matter how many modern smartwatches are released each year, it seems they can’t truly replace the classic watch. With movements that last for years and even decades, luxury watches are among the most durable and sought-after timepieces. 

Unlike smartwatches and other modern watches, classic luxury watches add to the look of an outfit not detract from it. Also, you can match almost any outfit to the design of your watch. If you’re thinking about offering the ultimate gift to your partner or just spoiling yourself, you can consider a style of watch that can complement the style of outfits you wear most. With a high number of watches to choose from–both new and on the secondary market–there’s no doubt that you can make the right investment with a watch to remember.