If you do not wear the right wristwatch with your outfit, you could jeopardize the elegance of the entire look. A beautiful dress with a trashy watch will not make you look like the lady you are. A watch can tell about one’s personality and it says a lot about you if you don’t know the appropriate watch for the occasion. Worry not, below we will provide you a run-down of the kinds of watches available and how to pair them with your outfits. 

Watch Categories:

While you will find many categories of watches online, we have broken down the vast world of watches into the following 5 categories based on what occasion you can wear them to:

Dress Watch 

For formal occasions, a white dial and black band watch is most suitable. These watches don’t normally contain a lot of extra features, they are elegant and to-the-point. If you are a  working woman, you can wear such a watch with your power suit to complete your office attire. 

Diver’s Watch

If you are an athletic lady who wishes she didn’t have to take her watch off every time she jumps in the pool, you should buy a divers watch. Most of the diver’s watches can sustain water pressure up to 100 meters. 

Sports Watch

Sport watches are not as formal as dress watches but many brands offer sophisticated ones that can be worn to any fancy event. These strong and smooth watches are produced using great plastic composites. They come with a lot of features like compasses, odometers, altimeters, GPS, etc, and make for a great practical everyday watch.

Pilot Watch

With a simple dial structure and a 50 mm diameter, pilot watches are precise and simple. Initially worn over the pilot’s coat – they have an enormous crown so they can be worn over gloves. 

Field Watch 

Field watches are complex and support a lot of features. The simple design ensures the clarity of the numerals. The elegant black dial features pops of colors like green and white in the numerals. Its hand-winding system offers flexibility. 

Tips to Match your Watch with your Clothes

While there are many tips to help you match your watch with your clothes, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide telling you everything you need to know. 

1. Match Leather Watch with Accessories

If you want to wear a leather-strapped watch, the next thing to think about is the color and material of your purse and shoes. It’s always easy to match shoes with a purse, so you start with that. Your watch band should coordinate with both the shoes and the purse. For example, you choose a brown watch band with a brown leather purse and shoes. You can do the same with other colors. You should not waste time and effort trying to find a watch band that is exactly the same color as the other elements of your outfit, just make sure the colors belong to the same family and do not clash with each other. 

2. Dress Watch for Sports Activities

Sports activities involve a lot of sudden and unpredictable moments and you should always wear a dressy watch when attending. A dress watch’s dial, case, and strap have a protective material that can withstand the sudden physical movements and falls that come with physically engaging activities. You can cheer and jump freely as you will not have to worry about the watch slipping off your wrist. 

3. Go for Watches with Metal Bands

Silver and gold are the most common varieties available in metallic bands. Either option is suitable for brown or black leather shoes. But if you wish to be more specific and coordinated, wear golden straps when your outfit is brown, beige, or tan. On the other hand, silver watches go well with the shoes and clothes that are either gray, black, or other bluish colors. A watch with a metal band can be your everyday watch if you take care of it well. But even if it breaks, do not worry as Sofly watch movements offer all kinds of replacement parts. 

4. Bend Rules with Heirloom

Heirlooms are jewelry pieces that are memorabilia with sentimental value. Many people also have superstitions attached to certain watches and believe they bring good luck. As the purpose of the heirloom is sentiment instead of style, the normal styling rules don’t apply to them.  Some companies have emerged that make timepiece heirlooms from the ashes of a loved one. 

5. Match Watch Strap to Formality of Outfit

When syncing the formality of the dress with the watch know the following rules. It is generally accepted that metallic watch bands are less formal than leather counterparts. Within the leather varieties, black is much more formal as compared to brown. But if your leather watch is old and has visible wear and tear, do not wear it to fancy occasions. You do not have to throw it away though, as you can still wear it with a casual outfit as an everyday watch. 


Watches are a great way to showcase your style and personality to people. Especially if you plan to be hanging out with successful, business-type people, they will notice your choice of timepiece. Choosing the wrong type or color can not only diminish the wow factor of your dress but it will also create the impression that you are clumsy with no attention to detail. So follow this guide, to find the best watch for every occasion and save your fashion sense and your reputation!