Many women are super mindful of how they appear wherever they are. They desire to look stylish, elegant and outstanding to help boost their confidence at events and work. As a woman, you can achieve your desire to look fashionable and professional as you go to work effortlessly.  

You can choose from many options to help you look stylish. For instance, you’d want to check out the range of work pants and jeans for women trending to get an idea of what to wear. Once you have an idea, you can choose the top to wear to complement your bottom-wear choice.   

It’s essential to ensure you wear fashionable work clothes to benefit your comfort in the office and to bring out your true femininity and individuality. You should know that whatever you wear at work can influence how people view you.  

Moreover, your dress code is directly related to your accomplishments at work. It can determine whether you will get a promotion or elevation at work. So, it’s crucial to ensure that you dress appropriately whether you meet outside clients or not. Dressing fashionably and decently helps you make a good and long-lasting impression on your bosses and co-workers. One day, this may pay off.  

In case you don’t know where to start, here’s an essential fashion guide to women’s workwear that can help you:

1. Ensure You Have Workwear Trousers 

Trousers are a reliable and versatile wardrobe must-have. They are designed to provide protection and comfort as you carry out your regular activities in the workplace. You can get them in different sizes, styles, colors and fabrics.  

You can choose workwear trousers to suit your preferences to help you achieve maximum comfort. Examples of work wear trousers, including casual workwear that you’d want to go for include the following:  

  • Baggy pants  
  • Straight formal trousers  
  • Culottes  
  • Palazzos  
  • Official Khaki  
  • High waist formal  
  • Bell Bottoms  

You can rock the above trousers depending on the weather and the type of shoes that you’d like to wear. For example, you’d want to match printed casual workwear like palazzos with flat shoes or heels and a plain top to make it look appropriate in the office.

2. Add Button-Down Shirts To Your Wardrobe 

Another fashionable workwear that you should have as a lady is a button-down shirt. You can go for the material you want, for instance, cotton, silk, satin and the like. These shorts come in different colors and designs. For example, you can choose between a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, depending on what you plan to wear at the bottom.  

These shirts are versatile; hence you can wear them with official trousers, jeans or skirts. To look more formal, presentable, and elegant, you’d want to tuck them in your pants or skirts and rock some classy high-heels.  

You can also tie the end of your button-down shirt into a knot if you prefer to avoid tucking it in to highlight your waist.

3. Don’t Forget The Midi Skirts 

A midi skirt is a skirt whose length is between two inches below the knees to somewhere above the ankle or below the calves. An example of a business casual midi skirt is a pencil skirt. You can pair it with a bottom-down shirt, a blazer and boots or heels to achieve a classic look.  

If the weather is chilly, you’d want to wear your midi skirt with a turtle neck, leggings or tights, boots, and a warm trench coat or leather jacket to help you get through the cold weather. Whatever weather, Stride Wise got you covered with boots to wear.

4. Make Sure You Have Work Dresses 

One way to achieve elegance as a woman is to wear an official dress that helps you achieve maximum style with less effort. Your wardrobe should have a work dress regardless of whether you work remotely or go to work every day. A beautiful workwear dress will also make you stand out in the following circumstances:  

  • When meeting clients  
  • In case you have an interview with your boss or co-workers  
  • When attending corporate meetings  
  • Between project pitches  

A beautiful work dress is among the top options for your office wear as a woman and helps reflect your sense of fashion and personal style. Some types of dresses that you’d want to wear to work include the following:  

  • Shirt dress  
  • Midi dress  
  • Belted dress  
  • Wrap dress  

Depending on the weather, you can rock these dresses with heels, boots, and even coats. Choosing the dress type that best suits your figure is also essential. Other tips to put in mind as you wear the dress include the following:  

  • Avoid wearing a short provocative dress when going to work. Ensure its knee length or slightly above or below the knee.  
  • Put on professional and simple shoes. Avoid flashy ones, platforms, and sandals.  
  • Put on a wrap, blazer or cardigan if the top half of the dress overexposes the chest area or is sleeveless. You should avoid wearing dresses that reveal too much to the office.  
  • Ensure you wear simple and minimal jewelry to avoid looking like you’ve dressed for a mega event like a wedding. Also, it’ll help you have a more professional look to avoid distracting clients.  

With the above tips in mind, you’ll surely be outstanding as you rock your dress in your workplace.

5. Blazers Are A Must-Have 

Another type of woman’s workwear that it’s critical to have is a blazer. Blazers come in different prints, colors, fabrics, and cuts. Thus, you have many options to choose from. Some common types of blazers include the following:  

  • Single-breasted  
  • Double-breasted  
  • Peplum blazer  

You don’t have to wear a complete suit as in the olden days, to wear a blazer. You can match it with another outfit on the bottom, like, a pencil skirt, official trousers, khaki pants, and even midi skirts. As for t-shirts, you can wear a button-down shirt when working.  

If you want to wear jeans to work, maybe at the weekend, you can air them with a plain white t-shirt or shirt and a blazer. It will help you achieve a casual smart look appropriate for the office. 


Looking fabulous and breathtaking is every woman’s desire, regardless of whether they will work or any other event. In this regard, you can follow the above fashion guide to help you rock your workwear outfits. Some of the office wear that is a must-have in your wardrobe as a lady include the following: blazers, heels, bottom-down shirts, midi skirts and work dresses. It will not only help boost your confidence at work but also help you make a long-lasting impression.