In the fashion world, people are all categorized into different body types. Some have a more athletic build, while others have a more slender and feminine shape. Each body type is different and must be addressed accordingly. If you want to determine the right clothing or women’s dresses for your body type but aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you. 

Find your body shape to get the most out of your dressing experience. Your certain body type and what fits someone in one place may not fit another in the same place. Everyone’s body is unique and does not look the same for every person. If you don’t know your body shape, keep reading the handy guide below. 

Classifications of Body Shapes and How to Dress It

Even though fashion is subjective by nature, trends are generally focused on what is out now and popular at the time. Sometimes it’s fun to follow trends, but sometimes it seems like it’s always the same thing. Today is meant to be an embracing cycle of changing perceptions, so enjoy and let your power dressing style evolve.

Everyone has a different body structure, and no two bodies are alike. Here are four of the most common body types.

1. Athletic Body Type

 Finding the Right Dress for Your Figure

With the athletic or rectangle-shaped body, you don’t really have to worry about creating too much of a silhouette. This shape keeps your body balanced and doesn’t create too much of a defining line from shoulders to hips.

The body shape is a comfortable silhouette. It’s ideal for those who prefer a long, lean look. Strong shoulders, long legs, and a straight back make this body shape easy to dress and look great regardless of what you wear.

How you dress for your body type is all about defining strong lines. Choose long jackets and capes to add drama to the neckline, blazers, and short jackets to add definition to the waist. A rectangle-shaped body is the most common; thus, almost any dress can be worn by them. But be sure to pull off your outfit confidently, as rectangles are not known for their slimming figure. 

2. Pear Shaped Body Type

The pear body shape is a classic! With wide hips, tiny shoulders, and a small waist, this shape appeals to men and women alike. Pear-shaped women often have a more curvaceous figure and tend to have less defined muscle groups. Though they may appear more slender, pear-shaped women often carry more body fat for their size. 

A classic shape like this one is flattering in any fabric type and seasonal. Skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits are easy to mix and match and will flatter your figure nicely. For maxi dresses and skirts, having some ruffle detail on the hemline can add even more interest. 

3. Apple Shaped Body Type

 A Guide to Finding the Right Dress for Your Figure

Apple body shape is the most versatile female body shape. Finding appropriate clothing can be tricky, but once you have that, you’ll feel great wearing it once you have it. Apple body shapes are a timeless and classic silhouette that will turn heads in any crowd, so show off your best assets: your big shoulders, gorgeous bust, and tiny waist!

Suppose you are an apple-shaped body, print, and use a lot of patterns that feature bold colors, prints, and bright shades. Black and white stripes are also a good choice if you wish to make a statement. Also, the best option for you is a sleeveless cocktail dress or skinny pantsuit. You can also do white, black, or silver accessories to highlight your curves!

4. Hourglass Shaped Body Type

Guide to Finding the Right Dress for Your Figure

Hourglass figures aren’t simply rare and hot; they are also deeply connected to femininity and sexuality. This body shape is all about curves, beauty, and mystery. Hourglass figures have a defined waist, curvy proportions, and clear lines of division between the bust, hips, and thighs. 

From up to down, closer-fitting clothes emphasize your curves, from long shirts and skirts with flared sleeves to fitted dresses and flare jeans. You’ll feel confident and beautiful in wrap dresses, rompers, and fitted and full-skirt styles. Cinched waists can make you look thinner by emphasizing your waist and accentuating your curves.

Determining Your Body Type


To measure your shoulder width, hover the tape near your arm. If you have help, let someone else do it for you, at least. Measure your shoulder width by starting at the tip of your shoulder and moving the tape around till it meets the tip of the same shoulder


The bust size is one thing you should be sure of. To determine it, start by placing one end of a tape measure under your armpits and wrap it around from top to bottom, about an inch above your breasts. The tape should end just above your rib cage. You now have your bust size.


The waist is measured at the natural point where your body bends to the side. You might find that your waistline isn’t exactly where you think it is, but it’s usually somewhere 1 to 2 inches below that. Make sure to keep your stomach tight but not pulled in. Do not slouch. 


The circumference of your hips is the most important measurement of your body, and it helps determine your waist-to-hip ratio. Start measuring your hips with the tape. Bring your tape measure to the fullest part of your buttocks, where the hip joint should be located. This measure is called your waist-to-hip ratio. 

Get the Right Dress for You

With the advent of the internet and social media, it is now easier for women to discover the latest trends, styles, and designs. But this should allow you to think for yourself and take action regarding the look you want to adopt. 

You are a unique snowflake, so don’t try to be everyone’s version of an ideal female body. Your body image shouldn’t be someone else’s idea of perfection. It should be every woman’s right to have an opinion about her body as long as that opinion is conscientiously defended. 

So now that you’ve already learned how to dress your body shape, are you ready to try new styles?