So now we get to the point – the rich variations of the trendy prescription glasses shouldn’t just be the medical instrument. Nowadays, prescription glasses or power glasses have developed fashion interpretations with different shapes to choose from:

Round Glasses – The Classic Remakes

Round glasses are of the simplest curve that is beloved by all. The perfect round-shaped face front creates the vintage aesthetic that adds different accents to the fashion glasses. Vintage yet cool, round is a never-out-of-style frame for prescription glasses. They give you space for wide lenses (comfort first) while complementing your personality in a queer and quirky way. Whether you are a Potterhead or admire Gandhi, the round frame will help you create an incredible story of your own.

While these frames look peppy on most face shapes, they look terrific on faces with a square or rectangle shape. So, make room for surprising subtle and softening looks with the round designer frames that we have for you. Choose to try from our extensive collection right away!

Wayfarer Glasses – The Smart Game-Changer

The neutral finish creates the classics of the eyewear design. The perfect square shape paired with rounded edges features wayfarer glasses as the timeless styling that everyone should have. Prefer a laidback and comfortable look? These glasses of the Wayfarer type are what you need!

The rich color palette nowadays adds fresh looks of wayfarer glasses that match all men’s and women’s daily style. And obviously, it’s the must-buy glasses’ design that meets all purposes.

Whether you are out for a date, an office meeting, or enjoying a casual day out with friends, this type of frame for prescription or power glasses will make sure you look great in those pictures you take on the go.

Aviator Glasses – Super Cool & Super Wide Vision Field

The big lenses finished with the concave is the coolest look of the fashion eyeglasses frame. Usually paired with thin metal and doubled-bridge design, Aviator frames are the best styler that is suitable to match either clear prescription lenses or the tinted lenses. They accentuate your features while giving you a large and wide pair of new eyes.

Aviators suit people with weaker prescriptions (thin lenses) or single vision prescriptions pretty well. And if you have a square face with defined and strong jawlines and cheekbones, you’ll have some class sent your way. Iconic and timeless, Aviators are the apt frames for prescription glasses if you need a chic and smart look. While these are frames of the past, they are in this day and age, a fashion-forward style that you must try, especially if you are someone with a bold personality.

Rectangular Glasses – The Simplest is the Most

Being a classic shape, this frame for prescription or power glasses is well-suited for old-fashioned people. That doesn’t mean, the newer generations can’t do the cool look they spare. Crafted with multiple materials or colors nowadays, the rectangular glasses are now twisted with the modern taste that fashion-lovers can’t miss. They look full of vim and vigor if you have a round, oval, or heart-shaped face. The frame sports edged corners which feature the simplest finish of rectangular glasses that are essential for the subtle fashion.

Cat-Eye Glasses – Especially for Female

Another go-to if you are obsessed with retro looks, cat-eye helps express your charm. This winged-eyeliner like frames for prescription glasses will help uplift your face and flaunt your sumptuousness. The emphasis on the wings is what speak out loud for women’s unique elegance. Yet, men can also find a terrific variety of bold and aesthetic frames for their power glasses.

Just a pair of cat-eye glasses is enough to showcase the avant-garde taste of styling. Bold, feminine, and fashion are the features of cat-eye glasses that attract all eyes. They are a must-try if you have a creative or artistic personality. We know you will love donning cat-eye glasses, while they project your flattering personality.

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