If you are something of a fashionista, you will agree that an outfit without accessories is incomplete. Accessories are secondary items used to enhance and complement the rest of your outfit. Although they are not necessary, wearing accessories can completely transform your look.

However, accessories are not only to complement or enhance your outfit but also for your convenience. E.g., A handbag is a tool to keep your belongings such as your phone, keys, wallet, and lipgloss safe and tucked away.

Humans have been using accessories to express themselves and their social standing for centuries. The earliest recorded jewelry finding was found 25,000 years ago in a cave in Monaco. The necklace was made of fish bones. 

In the modern age, jewelry is mainly used as a fashion item worn to elevate the overall look of an outfit. Many women who wear jewelry admit that it makes them feel good about themselves; it often sets them apart and creates the perception of their social status or their level of affordability being very high. 

Jewelry can also be a good investment. Many rich people invest in top-of-the-range jewelry items or matching sets. These sets can in the future be sold for profit. Jewelry collection is a feasible investment strategy as the metal or natural resource used to manufacture the price will almost always appreciate with time. Another dynamic that time adds is that as the years go by and new fashion trends arise, the old jewelry is considered antique, further increasing the profit margins on the sale. 

Pearlory is an online retailer of premium jewelry. Their core competency is in curating the latest styles of quality accessories. Moreover, the brand offers a range of precious stones, tarnish-free metals, and gold and silver quality jewelry. 

Here are five top jewelry trends from Pearlory.

Layered Pendant Necklaces

The first rule of layering necklaces is to check the length of each chain. The chains must all have different lengths to avoid covering each other up. The second thing you want to do is layer the thinner and more delicate pieces closer to your neck and the chunky pieces lower and closer to your chest.

To get the most out of your layering, avoid wearing a top or dress that has a busy pattern. Make sure to wear a v-neck top to show off your layered pieces. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure that the necklaces are the center of attention. 

If you happen to struggle with styling your layered necklaces, jewelry brands offer 3 or 4 piece sets for your convenience. These sets are subject to various pop culture trends such as trios. For example, you can buy a 3-piece necklace set where each piece represents one aspect of a trio; for the trio “faith, hope, and love,” the cross would symbolize faith, a heartbeat indicates hope, and a heart represents love.  

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings became popular in the 1980s. However, the trend is popular today, mainly amongst teenagers and young women. Hoops come in different shapes and sizes. 

Most people expect them to be round or circular; however, hoops can also be oval-shaped, and the sizes can range from a grape to that of an orange or apple. 

Remember to choose the shape and size of hoop earrings that complement your face and hairstyle. 

As previously mentioned, hoop earrings vary significantly in size; therefore, always consider the weight of the earrings. The earrings’ weight will depend on the material used; in most cases, the material is metal or metallic. Embellishments such as pearls, beads, and gemstones also significantly affect the weight of earrings. Another thing to consider is that more oversized hoops can easily get hooked to something and may cause physical harm to your ear.  

Chunky Chains

Like pendant necklaces, chunky chains are great to create a layered look. The boldness and heaviness of the chain will require you to layer the chain closer to your neck.

The chains are a statement piece; their size and bold appearance draw attention to the body’s neck and shoulder parts. Therefore you should always wear tops that will expose those body parts, e.g., crop tops, tank tops, or bodycon.

Chunky chains have been used as status symbols for millennia. Ancient people used to attach charms to their chains as spiritual protection. Historians found the oldest chain necklace in royal tombs in ancient Babylonia, now known as modern-day Iraq.

Rings With Precious Stones

Jewelry manufacturers have used gemstones for decades, although the colorful crystals are less valuable than their mineral counterparts, diamonds. The crystals’ vast range of colors, shapes, and textures make them attractive to jewelry makers.

Ring makers have now incorporated gemstones in rings. They can make rings with elaborate and intricate designs. After all, the stones can be easily cut into unusual shapes.

The use of gemstones in the jewelry industry has a long history. Around 1600 BC, the Greeks started using gemstones in their jewelry making. Gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphire were all imported from Sri Lanka, India, and other far eastern countries via the Silk Road. 

Hair Accessories 

Although hair accessories may not be considered jewelry trends by many, these accessories fit the description perfectly. Hair accessories such as satin scrunchies, ribbons, clips, pins, berets, and headbands can all enhance an outfit. 

Hair accessories have multiple symbolisms; people such as priests, kings, and other royals, from early civilizations have used hair accessorization like crowns, diadems, and turbans as a statement of power and class. Elements of this history can be seen in modern societies; the Greek wreath and Japanese hachimaki are two examples.

Over the years, the fashion industry has radically modernized hair accessories. The industry has introduced new hairbands, bobby pins, banana clips, and ribbons or scrunchies. Hair accessories are often overlooked and not considered jewelry. Still, the truth is that hair accessories offer users stylish features to go with their other jewelry trends accessories provide more functionality than any other accessory mentioned above.  

In Conclusion

The central notable aspect of Pearlory creations is the high quality. Because of this, Pearlory has established itself as an expert and thought leader in the jewelry industry. Pearlory offers customers great style and quality, but the brand also provides functionality.