The right accessories can turn even the blandest clothing pieces of clothing into a fashion-forward outfit. However, accessorizing is not just about throwing on a few bracelets, picking a handbag, and some other jewelry as accessories are subject to trends just as clothing and shoes are in the world of fashion. As a result, some accessories are considered timeless pieces, such as American diamond jewellery, while others are likely to go out of fashion. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends also means paying attention to which accessories are currently trending.

So, if you are searching for this year’s essential accessories to upstyle your outfits and stay up to date with the latest in fashion, these 2021 staples are a great place to start.

Stylish Frames

Whether you wear prescription lenses or not, frames are widely considered essential accessories. As the world of frame fashion has brought us a massive variety of trendy designs, you could consider bold cat-eye glasses, larger-than-life nerd frames, or eye-catching circle glasses. Tiny circle glasses quickly grabbed the attention of gen z, rendering them an accessory that will likely always be linked to the fashion-forward generation. Although small pebble and circle-shaped frames are more of a sunglasses trend, larger-sized circle frames are more suitable for prescription lenses as they will provide an enhanced vision scope. 

Sculpted Heels

While there’s no reason to throw out your classic black and red stiletto heels, the day’s trends focus on unique shoe designs; sculpted heels are trending as the new essential shoe to up style any outfit. Some are a bit more extravagant than others, so it is wise to scroll through a few outfit ideas before pulling off this look. Throwing on a pair of elegant heels has always been the easiest way to elevate an outfit, and considering today’s baggy pants craze, heels can even be used to vamp up a pair of beyond-casual cargo joggers. If the extravagant appeal of sculpted heels doesn’t lure you, you could also consider block heels and chunky platform heels as these are also considered gen z fashion favorites.

Hoop Earrings

90s fashion is making a comeback in various ways. From hooped earrings to mom jeans and the iconic color-block windbreaker, fashion staples from this era are setting the pace for fashion a second time. Hoop earrings are a great choice in 2021, although other 90s earring trends are also making a comeback, so you can finally dust off those dainty feather earrings you have been holding onto since high school. Hoop earrings are trending once again mainly because statement jewelry as a whole is back. Therefore, other statement jewelry pieces to add to your collection include chunky chainmail bracelets, frame chains, and bold colored pendant necklaces in striking designs. While timeless jewelry creates more of an elegant outfit elevation, trending statement jewelry will draw attention while adding depth and glam to your overall look.

Vegan leather bags

The main trend of recent years is conscious fashion. There are brands that deny the use of natural leather. But if there are still many questions about shoes made of artificial material, then there are no problems with bags – they look no less stylish, and you can wear them for years. You can find an exclusive collection of vegan leather tote bags handmade with cruelty-free leather. Тhey will give a bright and interesting accent even to the most boring look.

Little Glam Bags 

While we all adored the hobo bag phase, mainly because these bags are large enough to fit just about everything and anything, small bags are back in fashion. Little glam bags to include in your accessory collection can range from bejeweled clutches to over-the-shoulder bags and even the questionably tiny micro handbags that have been seen in Vogue in recent years. Micro handbags are undoubtedly fashionable, although they aren’t all that practical as some are too small to fit even a standard smartphone. For this reason, it is best to opt for a size larger than a micro bag to be sure it can carry all your essentials.

Bold Hair Pins

We’ve recently seen quite a few outdated hair trends make an impressive comeback despite much skepticism from the average fashion follower. Bold hairpin designs are a massive trend. There are tons of designs and styles out there, from pearl clips to sparkling gem pins, and they can be used to upstyle your outfits with ease. You don’t have to worry about going overboard either, as the hairpin trend genuinely suggests that more is less in this case. 

Red Lipstick

It is not only shiny accessories that can transform a bland outfit, as most of us already know the real power of red lipstick. A great shade that compliments your skin tone can glam up a pair of track pants, so including your favorite shade of red into your collection of accessories is a great idea. However, because shade specifics are crucial, you should try out a few red shades to determine which is just right for you. There is a perfect shade of red out there for absolutely everyone, and when considering that the wrong shade can appear a bit tacky, it is vital to consider your specific skin tone above your preferred shade of red. It is also a great idea to also consider the current makeup trends when pulling off red lipstick, as most suggest that your lips should be the focal point. Therefore, you can opt for a more natural eyeshadow palette.

Elevating Your Outfits With Ease

When using accessories to elevate your outfit, there are a few simple rules you should always take into consideration. Firstly, your accessories should coordinate well with each other and your outfit. This means ensuring color choices are complimentary and styles are too. What’s more, you should also keep things relatively minimalistic to avoid going overboard with too many accessories; in most cases, a handbag, a pair of heels, and one jewelry piece are more than enough. However, you can also accessorize with less, depending on your outfit choice.

Another essential factor to consider is your signature style. You should select accessories with the idea of adding details that will elevate your outfit instead of using these details to overpower it. Even simple details such as tucking in a t-shirt can elevate a casual outfit. How you wear your clothing and accessory pieces is almost always as important as which pieces you choose.