For many people, gifting is a traditional routine passed from one generation to another. It is usually interpreted as a gesture of goodwill, love, and care when it involves children. But there is something mystical about it all; there exists an unknown science behind gifting that should be researched. And if this ever happens, you should know beforehand the four types of gifts that you can never miss.

Although giving applies to both men and women, the 4 gift rule is the deal-breaker, and every parent should be well-versed about it. It is a comprehensive guide to molding children who are appreciative and express gratitude in life. Here are exciting details you may have been oblivious of on gifting your children. 

The 4 Gift Rule: What Is It?

As earlier stated, giving gifts is a sign of love and care. Sometimes, you present a gift to thank someone for many things. It could be they stuck with you through hard times or an employee who works tremendously well. But the 4 gift rule was designed for children as a life teaching guide. It inculcates the sense that they cannot always have everything they ask for in life, but they can get the basics. The big question is, how does this rule work? It is categorized into four sections, each serving a distinct purpose of what they want, something they read, something to wear, and something they need. Here you go.

What They Want

When buying a gift for your child based on this rule, it must be something they have always wanted to have. It is easier if you have a list from which you choose to buy the most potent gift they dream of. Determining the present to purchase calls for some wisdom. The surprise element is the spice of gifting; therefore, make it a top-secret by not asking them.

What To Wear

Picking what to buy based on “what they want to wear” is informed by many things that you as a parent feel that you should tackle. For example, you can decide to buy a coat during the winter season to keep them warm. They need a coat to stay warm. It is a necessity you cannot overlook, in other words.

Something To Read

Books are everything. They are a rich source of wisdom and knowledge on wide-ranging issues. A book tops the list of the best gifts you can give your child. For each age set, there is an interesting book to buy for them. It can be the Harry Potter series or Nancy Drew detective chronicles.

What They Need

Parents will agree that taking their children to college requires a solid financial plan. And a savings plan for absolute college purposes is what the child needs. Think of it as a gift that impacts a life positively and makes a dream come true. Alternatively, you can decide to buy a gift that will address a specific need. For example, buying a laptop simplifies assignments and homework. It also sharpens research skills. If they’re clumsy with their phones, buy them a protective custom iPhone case to keep their device secure. Getting it personalized lets you go the extra mile and puts great thought into your present. 

What Are The Benefits Of The 4 Gift Rule?

There is a lot to gain with the 4 gift rule. It shapes how children grow up and the beliefs they have about life in general. One of the significant benefits of this gifting rule: greediness and ungratefulness are nipped in the bud. How though? It teaches children in a modest way that life’s beauty is in simplicity and priority. 

Secondly, budgeting becomes more manageable because of the 4 gift rule principles. The gifting budget goes up the roof due to impasse and senseless buying, but all this is taken care of modestly. Most importantly, the rule helps deal with the environmental pollution menace that has dogged the developed countries. Chances are, you could settle for a plastic gift for your child without the gift rules in place. After outgrowing the plastic toy stage, they add tons of non-degradable plastic junk sitting in landfills for donkey years. Interestingly, the plastic menace’s ripple effect is child labor in third-world countries. Most raw materials sourced for the manufacturing of plastic enlist a considerable percentage of child labor.

Lastly, cluttering becomes a reality with a lot of gifts in the house. To some point, it makes the house look untidy. Thus, fewer gifts given in measurable terms is the way out to decluttering your house in the future.

 Do You Need A Gift Budget?

A gift budget is an integral part of managing your finances. In the absence of a budget when purchasing gifts, you are bound to making grave financial mistakes. A gift budget should have an annual plan because presents are not a one-time affair. There are several occasions throughout the year where presents are given. Some are holidays, birthdays, or even special moments such as graduations that you treasure as a family. You can ship your gift for your children in this breath or anyone who wishes to gift via Lazy One. The platform understands the science of giving across ages. Different studies show that women gift more than men. Women also offer gifts to more people than men, making the whole generosity affair more interesting. 

Further, did you also know that you can gift your pet? Yes, it is possible to buy a gift for your lovely dog. Most people who own pets – cats and dogs – reward them with gifts once in a while. Therefore, the need to have a budget when buying presents cannot be understated. 

Do Gifts Have Consequences For Children?

Gifting kids too often and in an uncontrolled manner creates problems in the future. It triggers the “gluttonous ingrate” effect on them if they receive too many presents. They will end up becoming avid gamblers and extravagant shoppers on a credit card. 

Meanwhile, buying gifts for your young ones is a great thing to do as a parent. It sends a clear message of love, care, and affection which is all a child needs in life. However, there should be a fine balance between genuine gifting and burying a guilty conscience. Some parents buy gifts for their kids to make up for their inadequacies in parenting, and it is wrong.