Everybody loves denim because you can use it on different occasions and in many ways. Even if there are new designs, jeans are still trendy no matter the style. For a long time, jeans have been a wardrobe staple that can be worn with just about anything. If you’re wondering how to look great in your jeans, here are a few simple ideas to consider:  

1. Top It With A White Tee

Jeans paired with a white tee are one of the most classic combos that spell effortless style. Any pair of jeans will do for this versatile combo. And anyone can wear it regardless of body type or weather. Your white shirt can be glitzy or plain. For the fabric, you can opt for sophistication with satin and silk or comfort with cotton. 

The possibilities are endless because you can go for oversized, fitted collared, or cropped white tees that reveal your midriff. Or, if you’re the adventurous or unconventional type, you can go for ruffled tux shirts or ones with frill or lace. 

As for jeans, you can find a wide variety from online clothing stores. You can check their site to find a pair or two that would look good with your favorite white tee. A white shirt can go well with boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, or other trending styles for a laidback look. Skinny jeans, straight jeans, bootcut style jeans, or flared jeans are some types of jeans that you can easily pair with a white tee. 

You can wear high-waisted jeans if you’re tall and slim, but trending jeans such as the low-cut baggy jeans can also flatter your body type. Regarding the color, it’s best to wear light blue or black distressed jeans to show off your street-style outfits. 

When layering, let the weather be your basis. Summer days may be too hot that you won’t need to layer. On the other hand, you can go for long or shrug coats, cardigans, or fall jackets when dressing up with a white tee and jeans for colder seasons. A grateful dead tank top for women will be a perfect addition.

2. Show Off Your Shape With High-Waisted Jeans

Different body types can enjoy structure and coverage when wearing high-waisted jeans. These are high-rise jeans because they cinch just above your belly, sitting on the smallest part of your natural waist. Wearing such jeans will help create the illusion of a fuller hip and bust line since it emphasizes a slim waist while producing an hourglass silhouette. 

To achieve such an effect, ensure you get well-fitting jeans. The fabric must not bulge too much when you bend over or sit, and its waistband should sit comfortably below your ribcage. 

Choose a cut that fits snugly on your thighs for a tailored look. And most importantly, you can dress according to your body shape and height by adjusting the hem of the jeans. 

Although high-waisted jeans can go well with any footwear, you may want to consider shoe choices that can add length to your body. For instance, wearing stilettos, high-heeled boots, pumps, or wedge heels can be an option if you have a short torso or are on the petite side. Meanwhile, flats are okay if you’re blessed with long legs. 

The best thing about high-waisted jeans is they’re a classic throwback. They’re simultaneously retro and timeless. If you want to adopt this style, a pair of straight-leg high-waisted jeans topped with a cropped vintage sweater will do the trick. However, if you’re braver than most, you might want to flaunt high-waisted bell-bottom jeans with a plain or floral button-down top knotted at the waist. 

In addition, you can go casual by wearing an oversized sweater and white sneakers with skinny high-rise jeans. During warmer days, try pairing your high-waist jeans with a graphic tee and sandals. 

3. Rock Those Baggy Jeans 

Baggy jeans are making a comeback along with slip dresses, crop tops, and baby doll dresses. They’re reminiscent of the nostalgic ’90s fashion. The so-called ‘dad jeans’ and ‘mom jeans’ fall under this category. Dad jeans have a low-slung and slouchy silhouette, while mom jeans feature a high waist and high rise but with baggy legs. 

Other baggy jeans have deconstructed materials, distressed finishes, and raw hems. You can wear a pair like this for a minimalist, bohemian, or sporty style. You can also wear it to work, but it would be best if you paired it with leather loafers and a neutral blazer. 

You can prepare for your next beach day by wearing a straw sun hat, white baggy jeans, and an understated white tank top. If you want to look sharp in baggy jeans, pick a corset top and top it with a leather bomber jacket.

Thus, baggy jeans offer endless options no matter what the occasion is.

4. Be Comfortable With Ripped Jeans

It will help if you have one or two pairs of ripped jeans in your wardrobe because you can look badass while staying comfy. You can buy them at most clothing stores or make your own ripped jeans

It’s pretty popular on summer days because of its relaxed nature. You may want to consider the following ways to wear them: 

  • Don a crop top and oversized boyfriend jeans to look like a ’90s pop star. It can be an effortless way to pull off oversized ripped denim, especially when you accessorize it with a cute crossbody bag and a belt. 
  • Pair your ripped jeans with an oversized off-the-shoulder top to give off a classic look, rocking it with heeled leather rockstar boots. 
  • Wear a sweatshirt with your baggy ripped jeans to achieve an ultimately cozy style. Paired with sneakers, this comfy combo can make you look young and carefree.
  • Put on a flirty romantic top and strappy sandals along with your ripped jeans to give you a demure vibe. 


Jeans are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re running errands, going to the beach, or showing up at a boho party. All you need to do is pair it with a top and footwear that’ll suit the occasion. Considering the abovementioned ways to dress up your jeans, you can rock that denim every time, even when you’re wearing it in your workplace.