Everyone has some everyday jewelry choices that they depend on to liven up an outfit, from business casual to a night out. It’s also fun to have trendy pieces to wear.

That ‘s why people buy trendy and stylish jewelry from branded store like The Vault Nantucket which provides elegant and custom made jewelry online.

But, you don’t want to buy a piece that you think is trendy only to find that it’s already gone out of style.

Some people argue that jewelry trends often come back in style. Elements of the 1970s and 1990s have been in and out of fashion for years. Still, some pieces from these periods, like mood rings and fabric chokers, haven’t quite reached the pinnacle of modern style.

Wearing Trendy Pieces

Mixing, matching, and stacking jewelry is on-trend right now. It’s a great way to make a bold statement with your accessories. Mixing and matching doesn’t mean you’re throwing pieces together for no reason. You can still coordinate different jewelry to create one cohesive look. You could also find a good match of accessories from the Ideaure Jewelry collection.

When you mix and match jewelry, choose one area of your body to focus on. You don’t want to pile on bracelets, necklaces, and rings and look over the top. Instead, pick one area, like your neck, wrists, or ears, that will make a statement. Then wear complementary pieces elsewhere on your body.


Bangles are always trendy. They can look fun or classic, depending on how they’re made. You can wear bracelets made of metals, enamel, beads, or fabric. 

They look great on their own, but in the spirit of mixing and matching, try layering several bangles together. This gives you the chance to shop in your jewelry box and create your signature look.

Wearing bracelets can either be the focal point of your jewelry or as a complement to other pieces you’re wearing, like necklaces or earrings. 


Colorful beaded necklaces are at the top of current jewelry trends. These pieces may look fun and casual, but quality pieces are sure to become timeless ways to add a pop of color to your outfit for years to come.

The use of chains and charms is a jewelry trend that doesn’t seem to be falling out of style anytime soon. These can look classy or fun, depending on the charm you sport. But, you shouldn’t feel limited to one necklace. Instead, layer a pendant necklace with chains and beads to create your own look.

For those seeking a versatile accessory, black chain necklaces offer understated elegance that complements a wide range of styles, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Mixing metals with colorful beads can add interest to the most casual outfit. It’s in style to make your statement with multiple pieces instead of using one premade necklace to speak for you.

As far as necklace length is concerned, collar necklaces are currently in style. Instead of sitting tight around the neck like a choker, these are slightly longer and rest at the collarbone. They don’t have to be loose like a chain but can have a structure and draw attention to your outfit or your neck.


Brands have been using different tactics like bridal ring animation videos to lure customers. It means you have plenty of choices when it comes to rings. like layering bracelets and necklaces, you can use rings to play to the stackable ring trend. It’s visually interesting to mix and match thin rings with thicker bands, so you can play around. Keep the rings below your knuckle for comfort’s sake.

If you’re wearing bracelets, especially mix and match bangles, you’ll probably want to skip wearing rings. You can wear your everyday rings regardless, but stacking rings and mixing bracelets is a lot to have on your hands and wrists at once.

Instead of wearing too many accessories on your hands, consider stacking rings and wearing a simple chain or pendant necklace. You might also choose to complement gemstone rings with earrings featuring the same jewels.


Statement earrings are a major jewelry trend in 2021. Hammered metal hoops that graze the shoulder are everywhere. Earrings that dangle with elements like pearls and feathers have taken the runways by storm. 

These statement pieces bring a lot of attention not only to your ears but also to your shoulders and collarbones. Wear big earrings and skip the necklace to stay in style.

If you want to pair earrings with other jewelry, consider adding rings or bracelets to complete your look. This way, the pieces will be far enough apart that they won’t compete for attention.


When it comes to trendy metals, the type isn’t as important as the style. Textured metal pieces are in, whether they’re hammered, chiseled, or paved. The texture and warp add a lot of interest to the piece. The metal itself still makes your jewelry seem upscale, even if the design looks more casual.

Metals aren’t just limited to current jewelry trends; it’s more important to find the right metal for your skin tone. Once you know if you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone, you can choose jewelry that accentuates your skin.

To highlight cool skin tones, wear:

  1. platinum
  2. white gold
  3. silver

    To highlight warm skin tones, wear:
  1. brass
  2. copper
  3. rose gold

    For neutral skin tones, you can mix and match any type of metal. With a neutral tone, all metals will stand out against your skin.

    It’s a tough decision on whether to put yellow gold in the trendy or timeless category, but trendy is currently winning. Throughout history, yellow gold has been popular, so it’s arguably timeless. But, it’s been very trendy for the past few years.

    With yellow gold returning to popularity, there has been a further trend of wearing multiple pieces of gold jewelry. It was once seen as something to wear in moderation, but now people are sporting several gold items at once.

Classic Pieces

Timeless jewelry is often more expensive than trendy jewelry. When you break down the cost according to how much use you’ll get from the piece, it’s worth it. The jewelry is usually of higher quality, which means it won’t bother sensitive skin and will last longer than trendy pieces.

Timeless jewelry designs are also worth the investment because they’ll never go out of style. These pieces are usually minimalistic. Think of simple rings with a single stone, pendants, diamond studs, and tennis bracelets. These pieces are timeless because of their classic look.

You can choose the metals and gemstones that best suit your style. Many people stay away from any large statement pieces or anything with fancy filigree or scrollwork. Those elements can make jewelry seem dated.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces differ from timeless designs because many of them are ornate. Jewelry from the 1920s was over-the-top, with strings of pearls layered on each other. Diamonds dripped from earrings. Pieces were geometric and colorful.

Diamonds fell out of favor during World War II, and earrings were close to the ear (not dangling) to reflect women’s changing role in the workforce. Bracelets were wide and clunky as the 1960s approached, and rose gold became more popular than yellow gold had been.

Brooches have been fashionable at various times over the years, and they’re currently in. The trendiest brooches are usually over-the-top or make a statement about the wearer.

If you like collecting vintage jewelry, you can rest easy knowing it’ll always be in style simply because it’s vintage and reflects classic aesthetics.

Final Notes

The best part about current jewelry trends is that styles are more open to personal expression. Mixing and matching pieces gives you a chance to draw attention to everyday pieces by adding something bold and new into your wardrobe. It also lets you play with the jewelry you already have by making it seem new and different, such as stacking pieces with others you might not have matched on your own. 

Keep your eye on upcoming trends in jewelry, and you’ll never have another boring outfit.