Hair is one of your biggest assets when it comes to your overall looks. Even if you don’t perceive it as such, it’s just as important for the image you portray as the clothing pieces you choose to wear – both at your 9-to-5 hours and off duty. I don’t mean to get you into panic mode if you’ve had your share of bad hair days, but perhaps the key to your mane issues could be resolved easier than you think.

First off, it’s crucial to get the right hairstyle that would show off your best features in the best way possible. A professional hairstylist can help you out with choosing the adequate one for your face shape. Then, the next step would be to take care of the hair colour which should enhance your beauty and complement your skin colour and complexion. Once you’ve covered these two basics, it’s time to establish a hair care routine.

I hear you, it’s yet another time-consuming chore to add to the list of daily necessities for optimal health and well-being, like skincare routine, toothbrushing and flossing, exercising and preparing wholesome meals, but it all pays off. Same as your body and skin, your hair needs the right nutrients and hydration so a little TLC can go a long way.

In addition to being mindful with the products you choose, preferably opting for organic shampoos, conditioners, and masks, you can go the extra mile by also paying attention to the tools and styling essentials. One brand that you can put your trust in is Lady Jayne. The impressive range of brushes, combs, and versatile Lady Jayne hair clips and snagless elastics for quick and easy hairdos.

Salon-Like Heatless Dos with Lady Jayne Hair Tools

Styling your hair is caring too, and when you don’t have the time or resources to pay your favourite salon a visit every time you need a hair refreshment, you can become your own hairstylist. If you want to do it properly with the least hair damage, you can try out various heatless hairdos and for the best success that would boost your looks, you ought to count on the right help from the right tools. This is where Lady Jayne comes in handy!

Flipped Braid into Low Ponytail

For the practical ladies who like to have elegant hairstyles with minimal hassle, this is a perfect choice. You can wear your hair like this on casual outings as much as on your date nights or even some more low-key wedding. If you want to wear it on some more special occasions, you also have the chance to dress it up with pro-fashion slides or small clips and combs that have stones on them for a dose of glam.

What you’ll need to pull it off is your choice of Lady Jayne brush, could be the detangling or travel design that tames frizz and gets rid of tangled knots pain and damage-free, bobby pins, and elastic bands. For start:

  1. Give your hair a nice and gentle brushing. Don’t skip this step as it’s crucial for easy styling.
  2. Tie it in a low ponytail using the elastic. Part the hair in two at the tied section, and flip the ponytail through.
  3. Braid the ponytail into a loose braid and secure it with an elastic.
  4. Flip the braid the same way you did with the ponytail, only repeating until there’s no more braid to flip through.
  5. Secure the braid using a few essential Lady Jayne hair accessories like the bobby pins, and voilà.

Messy Half-Up Bun

Who would’ve thought messy hair could be fashionable, right? Along came the messy bun and showed us otherwise! The reason this kind of bun became such a trend is because it’s easy to do, and it’s perfect for various hair lengths and textures, including those that aren’t that long or voluminous.

On top of it all, it’s meant to be messy so you don’t have to tie it up tightly risking hair damage. To create it you’ll need your choice of Lady Jayne hair clips – the claw grip design, section hair clips, and of course your choice brush. To make the sectioning easier, it’s nice to also get the teasing brush. First, you should:

  1. Detangle the hair, and smoothen it out with the brush. Lady Jayne’s Flexi-Glide does a great job!
  2. Then, using the sectioning tip of the teasing brush, section hair on both sides from the ears up.
  3. Give the upper sectioned part nice brushing to even it out, and avoid getting any unsightly hairs that stick out.
  4. Pull the hair (not using too much force, though!) and twist it into a bun.
  5. Secure it with a statement claw grip, or a couple of smaller grips.
  6. Tussle with your fingers to make it messy and a little bit of more volume, and you’re done!
  7. Extra step for a nice twist to the bun. The upper sectioned hair parts can also be braided and secured with a fancy satin scrunchie which would give the bun more texture. To make it messier and bigger, loosen up both of the braids before securing them in a bun with the claw Lady Jayne hair clips.
  8. Extra extra step for the gals with fine hair. If you’re struggling with thin mane, either because of post-pandemic hair loss, or hair breakage, you may be avoiding this hairdo altogether out of fear of ending up with the kind of bun à la Miss Trunchbull. Fear not! What you have to do is acquire a Lady Jayne bun styler and apply the ponytail through it. Another simple method would be to loosen up the bun as much as your hair allows it. 

A Hairdo with a Stylish Scarf

This is a detail that can truly assist you with coming up with fashionable looks that amaze. A scarf is an accessory that can improve any outfit, no matter how casual it may be, and you won’t be in need of additional accessories if you don’t feel like going overboard with the details. What you’ll need is:

  1. One of Lady Jayne’s detangling brushes to get rid of knots and prepare the hair for styling.
  2. Section the top using the sectioning tip of the teasing brush.
  3. Secure it with a couple of Lady Jayne hair clips and tussle it a bit with the fingers to give it some volume.
  4. Hold the scarf behind your neck and pull it up from under the hair, covering the hair clips. Tie into a stylish knot and you got yourself a chic hairdo.
  5. An extra step is to be playful with the scarf and try out securing a bun with it, a braid, or even a ponytail to elevate your outfits. The possibilities are endless!