Are you struggling to wear stylish clothes that also resonate with your spirituality? Read this article to know how to dress from a spiritual perspective.

There have been days where we stand in front of our piles of clothes in the closet cluelessly and cannot decide what to wear. We take account of numerous factors when we are choosing the outfit of the day. From the occasion, our moods, weather, occasion, how long we will be out, the dress code of the office, and many more.

Apart from these factors, we mostly choose clothes based on how comfortable they are and how good we look in them. Besides this myriad of reasons, the type of clothes we wear can also have a spiritual effect on us. This article will discuss how the outfits or apparel we wear can either boost or diminish our spirituality.

The Purpose of Clothes from a Spiritual View

The main purpose of wearing clothes is protection. Of course, clothes protect us from harsh weather like heavy snow or intense sunlight. The apparel also protects us from germs, cuts, bruises, dirt, dust, and so on. When thinking from a spiritual perspective, clothes also protect us from negative energies. Through the medium of distressing waves, these negative energies take place and have an unfavorable impact on you.

Based on how we dress up, clothes can function like a receptor that absorbs divine and positive frequencies from the surrounding atmosphere. By imbibing such positive vibes, our clothes can spread such purity, calmness, and overall positivity into our consciousness. Some clothing items can use more positive energy than others, so you should keep these items in your closet. These items can be purchased online at By channeling such a positive aura, they can fend off negative energies and protect us.

Besides spreading the positive energy and protecting yourself from the bad aura, clothes can also make a statement. By wearing spiritual t-shirts or any piece of clothing, you can subtly show the faith you follow and embrace its spirituality. It is a great way for people to spread the positivity of your spirituality to other people.

The Type of Clothing Material and its Spiritual Effect

Natural fabrics like silk and cotton have a stronger potential to absorb, assimilate, and retain auspicious aura from the surrounding environment. On the contrary, some believe that clothes composed of synthetic fibers such as terylene, nylon, polyester, and rayon, have a lower potential to attract such divine energies.

They draw in damaging frequencies from the surrounding atmosphere, making those who wear them more vulnerable to negative energy attacks. Besides, clothes made with synthetic materials can be uncomfortable most of the time. Being uncomfortable draws in bad negative energy and increases the chances of making you feel low. Simply wear breezy materials that you feel comfortable in to make sure that you are in a positive mood throughout the day.

Spiritual Clothing Does Not Prioritise Fashion Trends

As you encounter some growth in your spirituality, you will start to lose interest in certain things as you will begin to find them pointless and only money-driven adjustments that do not hold any value in reality. Following the current fashion trends can be one of these. While everyone has a personal style and preferences for clothing that flatters them, this does not imply they have to follow a passing fashion trend.

Fashion is influenced by public perceptions that what you wear makes you more or less ‘attractive’ or ‘trendy.’ Fashion becomes unimportant after you have stopped caring about what other people think of you. You might find yourself shifting into more comfortable clothing because you refuse to suffer in clothes only to be fashionable. It will not be a complete switch from suits to robes in one day, but you will notice a gradual and subtle difference.

Your new spiritual wardrobe will very certainly be filled with styles and designs that have been around for centuries. As a result, they never go out of style. Moreover, history repeats itself and so do the temporary trends. What was once fashionable in an era makes a comeback after some years. You will encounter some of the clothes you have been wearing that will be hyped and become a trend that the majority of the people will try out.

Are You Being a Hippie or Spiritual?

The attire of spiritual people and hippy clothing have a lot in common. All hippies are not spiritual and all spiritual people are not hippies. However, there are certain similarities when it comes to the clothing of both these types of people. Both sets of clothes might be embellished with deities’ and beliefs’ symbols and signs, such as a peace sign or a profound quote that has a similar meaning.

Both hippie and spiritual lifestyles embrace the peace of mind and wholesome feelings like love. They frequently share a passion for color and expressiveness. Colorful clothes have been found to improve your mood as well as the moods of those around you. Maybe it is a subliminal component of your spiritual development, or maybe they just like the aesthetics and color.

It is crucial to bear in mind that spiritual clothing does not belong to any group of people. There is no such thing as spiritual clothing, so if you think jeans are spiritual, you are right! Any type of clothes you find comfort in and like can be your spiritual clothing. Any clothing piece that makes you happy is spiritual attire. The joy itself is positive energy and resonates throughout your clothes. You will be in an upbeat mood and you can spread positivity to the peers around you.

When Embracing Spirituality, Avoid Developing Spiritual Ego

When people embrace spirituality, some individuals lose track and fall into the trap of developing a spiritual ego. Some consider it as a slippery slope as they want to look in a certain way so that people get to know how spiritual they are. Some also dress in a particular way like wearing tunics and beads to feel awakened.

People tend to create their ego-centered version of spirituality and can seem to be pretentious and entitled. This happens more than anyone would like to admit. Just focus on being the best version of yourself and learn from your mistakes. Allow people to find their purpose and travel their path. When it comes to finding meaning and deciding on a style, your spiritual ego can be left behind at the door.

Final Words

When you are on a spiritual path and attempt to make positive changes, you will notice more than just a difference in your attire. That being said, you might find yourself shaking off the old style and embracing the new as a result of expressing your changed perspective on life. Just keep an eye out for your spiritual ego’s influence on how you dress! Spiritual clothing can be a representation of you, your beliefs, or your journey, or even a form of spiritual cleansing, as it helps you shed the old and embrace the new on your transformative path.