Would you pair two opposite styles, such as a dress and a pair of sneakers? It may seem unlikely, but they can work when you follow some styling steps that can make sweet and casual a fantastic combination. There are many designs of sneakers and dresses in the market, but one style won’t necessarily work with every type of sneaker or vice versa. In this article, you’ll learn the best ways to pair what kind of sneakers with a specific style of dress on any day.  

1. Note The Season And Fabric Of The Dress 

If you’re wearing a specific type of dress, the kind of sneakers similar to Vans shoes NZ or any other shoes that will go with it depends entirely on the dress you’re wearing in the season. If it’s a lightweight fabric dress because of the summer season, the material of your footwear should also be light. Good examples of lightweight sneaker materials are eyelet and canvas. If it’s the fall season and you’re wearing a wool dress, patent leather sneakers or suede material would go perfectly with them.  

2. Pair Black And White With All-Black 

Simple colors do go together, even if we’re talking about a dress and a pair of sneakers. A single black and white dress bought online or a simple striped blouse with a black skirt can look great with black low-cut sneakers. Please do avoid wearing socks or opt for low-rise cotton socks that don’t show anywhere on the ankles. The simple but well-put-together ensemble makes for a day of casual weekend strolls, shopping, or just hanging out with your friends.  

3.  Go Simple With Patterned Dresses 

Sneakers with bold patterns look great with simple dresses, but elaborate one-piece dresses are different. If your dress comes with defined patterns on them, simple and monochromatic sneakers will give more balance to the whole look. Pairing two wild styles are overwhelming. Whether you want to wear a floral baby doll dress or a polka-dotted maxi one, go for solid-colored footwear for a nice touch. But note that it also doesn’t have to be boring. There are ways of styling your look, such as adding a few accessories to your person.  

4. Match Dark Colors To Lengthen Your Body 

Petite bodies don’t need to try hard to look taller. You can wear a grey body contour dress with all-black or black and white sneakers to match the look. The lengthening part happens when you wear a pair of black leggings to connect the silhouette look from top to bottom. A chilly day won’t ruin it if you have to wear a dark outer coat. 

5. Keep Proportions In Mind 

Don’t forget to accentuate your best features when dressing up because that’s your primary goal. When selecting sneakers to wear with an outfit, avoid situations when they visually cut off the legs. High-top sneakers won’t work well with knee-length skirts. It will only make you look shorter, making the style detrimental to petite frames. 

You can choose to combine styles that are opposing, or not, but your primary goal is to make your silhouette stand out. Choose sneakers that will help lengthen the legs and keep the whole outfit look proportionate.  

6. Think Of The Accessories 

Styling becomes a bit trickier if you only plan to accessorize beyond wearing the dress and sneakers. Are you bringing a clutch bag with you? Will you also wear a colorful hair ribbon or a skinny belt on your waist? Other types of accessories to consider include jewelry, scarves, watches, and more. Give yourself time to plan your outfits and match your accessories and sneakers. Use colors to make them match or find complimenting pieces that fit well together.  

7. Casual Goes With Casual 

Sneakers are a type of casual shoes that you can wear anytime. That being said, it’s only rightfully paired with a casual dress to match. They would look best with knit fabric tops in modern styles. They would make a pretty and clean pair with sneakers. Look for white sneakers for such tops because they are staples that are still popular even today. Invest in a couple of white sneakers that will look great with various styles of dresses for different seasons.  

8. Chunky Sneakers For Bare Legs 

Chunky sneakers also deserve attention because while they’re not as popular as low-cuts and high-top footwear, you can still take advantage of the style by wearing a slit dress that shows off the legs. Go for the same black chunky sneakers such as black jordan shoes that balance the combination of feminine and masculine energy. 

9. Go For Athleisure Styles 

Sporty sneakers aren’t only made for the gym. There are popular designer brands that brought trainers into the fashion scene. Celebrities have been wearing them at red carpet events. Models are sporting them on the runway with the best garbs of the season.  

When you’re armed with a discerning eye, realize that designer sneakers are hardly made for a session at the studio. Such footwear is only for making a statement that these can even be worn in the office.  

Designer sneakers can work with cotton ribbed dresses. The pairing is seamless and innovative; together, they represent ease of movement.  

10. Take Note Of Sneaker Details 

If you notice the height of the sneakers, taking advantage of it can make a world of difference to your legs. For example, low-cut sneakers you slip on and end below your ankles make your legs look longer. The curve of your ankles is also shown off.  

Avoid wearing high-cut sneakers with summer dresses because they hide your ankles and make your legs look bulky and short. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with anything else. High-tops will look good with pants or maxi dresses.

In Conclusion 

Dresses and sneakers are pieces that are easy to wear, so it’s no wonder ladies go for them from casual days to special events. But you can still make mistakes even with uncomplicated apparel and footwear. Varying designs and patterns can make or break a pairing. If you haven’t tried wearing sneakers with a dress, take these styling tips and enjoy rocking them the next time you go out.